How social media can push the boundaries of a small business

by Peter Laver, Director of ConsultANZ

It’s time to join the crowd of social media I feel like I say that too often these days, but seriously thinking about it, when have we seen so much dramatic change out there in society and the business world in such a brief time? Has there ever been a time in the history of such transformation? Uber has turned… Read More


Mental health in the Workplace

Work-related mental health conditions are a major concern in Australian workplaces.However, we can learn a variety of skills to improve our mental health.


Where’s the steady incline?

by Peter Laver, Director of ConsultANZ

I love the mining, civil engineering and construction industry. No, it’s not in my blood. My dad was a cattle farmer, as his dad was before him, as was my mother’s dad and his dad before him. Growing up in Central Queensland, young, I got sucked into the mining industry, big operations and big kit … I loved it! I… Read More


Who’s got the silver bullet?

by Peter Laver, Director

To resource the market ahead, you must be creative, have many channels at work, work smart, and also work hard to make it a success.


Malcolm and the Australian Infrastructure Boom

by Peter Laver, Director of ConsultANZ

In Australia, we have exactly all the right conditions to be propelled into engineering stardom with the amount of work that is on the horizon.