10 Reasons YOU should not move to Australia

why you should not emigrate to Australia

10 Reasons YOU shouldn’t move to Australia

1. People

If you are an introvert who hates talking to other people and avoids human contact at all costs, stay away from the Aussies. They are not only annoyingly friendly, chatty and helpful, they also remember your name (yes, the post office lady and the butcher!). To make matters worse, they joke and laugh a lot.

Young handsome man smiling
Australians are very friendly!


2. Weather

If you prefer low temperatures, snow, rain, fog, wind and blizzards, Australia is definitely not for you! Sydney gets 236 days of sunshine annually, Brisbane – 261 and Melbourne – 185. The average temperature in Australia in winter is 15ºC. No chance of seeing snow unless you head to Thredbo with a bunch of overexcited kids who have never seen the fluffy thing before.

Stradbroke Island Australia Queensland
Stradbroke Island, Queensland


3. Beaches

If you hate golden sand, blue waters, the sound of splashing waves and an opportunity to catch some amazing fish, this country is not for you. Australia has 10,685 beaches, some of them rated as top-beaches in the World! And then there are all these annoying people on the beach – snorkelling, splashing in the waves, relaxing, reading books, walking their dogs, the list goes on!

Whitsundays Queensland Australia Beach
Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia


4. Food

If you like eating unripe fruit that has travelled from another country after being heavily sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, you will be disappointed with Australian produce. You will no doubt feel overwhelmed by a wide selection of colourful, ripe and juicy fruit grown locally by Aussie farmers. You will quickly get sick of having smashed avo (avocado in Australian English) on ciabatta followed by an Aussie favourite – a flat white (coffee).

Fresh fruit variety in Australia
Variety of fresh produce in Australia


5. Cultural diversity

If you are not a fan of people from various cultural and religious backgrounds living peacefully in one country, we have got bad news for you! Australia is the most ethnically diverse country in the World with 26% of Australians born overseas and 49% having at least one parent born overseas. Sadly, the immigrants just keep on coming, lured by the promise of a better life.

Australia a multicultural country
Australia is a multicultural country with over 30% of people born overseas


6. Strong economy

If you prefer living and working in a poor country with a low minimum wage (or lack of it), high unemployment and low living standards, forget Australia. The national minimum wage is currently AUD $18.29 per hour, unemployment is 5.6% and according OECD Australia ranks at the top in income and wealth, environmental quality, health status, housing, jobs and earnings, education and skills, subjective well-being, and social connections.

Australian Dollar banknotes rolls
Australian Economy is doing well


7. Laid-back lifestyle, attitude and language

If you like the pressure of deadlines, wearing a suit and a tie every day, great manners and the way they speak English on BBC, you might re-consider moving Down Under. For Australians everyone is a ‘mate’, wearing ‘thongs’ and ‘singlets’ is the norm and all problems are met with ‘no worries.’ Even meeting royalty doesn’t stress Aussies too much. In fact, in 1970s an Australian cricketer Dennis Lillee greeted Queen Elizabeth with a ‘G’day, how ya goin’?’. This should sum it up for you.

woman holding a surfing board on a beach during sunset
Spend your weekend on the beach surfing


8. Camping

If you are not an outdoorsy person, you might want to choose another country as your next destination. Australians love camping! They invest heavily in camping equipment, 4WDs, camper vans and fishing gear. Camping is in their blood: they will use every opportunity to pack up and escape for a weekend into the bush or onto a nice beach.

Camping and caravan in Australia sign with kangaroo emu camel
Camping in Australia


9. Sport

If you are not the sporty type and you prefer reading books or going to the cinema, you might feel a bit out of place in the land of Oz. Why, you ask? Australia is a nation of rugby and cricket lovers. Many weekends revolve around playing or watching a game of footy, always accompanied with loud cheers and beer. Children get involved in competitive sports from a very young age, too. With great weather and so much space, it’s no wonder Australians engage in sport so much.

A man holding an Australian flag and shouting supporting a team
Australians love sport!


10. Safety

If you like a bit of an adrenaline rush due to being in dangerous surroundings, you might find Australia disappointing. The country is ranked 10th out of 162 on the safest and most dangerous countries ranking. Crimes rates and terrorism risk are low. Although there is no shortage of dangerous animals (spiders, snakes, jellyfish, crocodiles, sharks), recent data shows that the most dangerous animal in Australia is…a horse.

horses are officially the most dangerous animals in Australia
Australia’s most dangerous animal


So if we haven’t managed to put you off from moving to Australia and you are seriously considering moving Down Under to work as a civil engineer or a surveyor, please get in touch. We will be more than happy to help you with your job search!

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