Hire Top Overseas Talent

Approved Sponsor

As one of the very few recruitment agencies in Australia (just over 30 licences granted nationally), ConsultANZ can sponsor Engineering and Construction Professionals from offshore through the Labour On-Hire Licence.

We can sponsor employees to work for us on a Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) and we receive priority with nominations and visa applications.

What this means for our Clients?

Our Clients, in conjunction with ConsultANZ, will be able to select skilled, qualified and experienced staff located overseas and bring them to Australia.

We will take care of pre-qualifying, compliance collection, visa processing (currently 2-4 weeks) and on-boarding to make the process easier.

After a qualifying period of length of service, and based on a mutual agreement, the Candidate’s visa can be transferred to the Client quickly and easily (T&Cs apply).

Why hire overseas talent via ConsultANZ?

While skill shortages are seriously affecting the delivery of major infrastructure projects around Australia, many of our Clients are reluctant to navigate complicated visa processes to find the right people to deliver these projects.

Our solution? We directly sponsor overseas Candidates and further on-hire them to our Clients within the Australian Civil Engineering and Construction industry.

With the infrastructure boom said to last for at least the next five years, we believe the is a clear solution to our Clients’ problems.

How does it work?


Where and when can this solution be used?

Examples where this can be used to solve skills shortages are as follows:

  • Regional areas where local candidates are reluctant to live and work on a long-term basis.
  • Specific professions such as Surveying which is under-resourced.
  • Assisting current temporary visa holders (such as 417) who are already in country to continue to work.
  • Assisting large projects which, due to sheer size of the project, can’t resource enough locally skilled and experienced candidates.

Additional information

For ConsultANZ to sponsor an offshore Candidate, the following conditions must be met:

  • ConsultANZ must have a Client that agrees to engage a suitably experienced and qualified Candidate from overseas.
  • Employment and Supply Contracts must be in place with both the Candidate and client before the Nomination and Visa applications can be submitted.
  • The overseas Applicant must be on the list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • Labour Market Testing (currently 28 days)must be completed by ConsultANZ to prove there is not a locally based candidate that can be used in the role.
  • Certain information must be collected from the overseas candidate for the application which includes qualifications, passports and birth certificates, police checks, medicals.

To find out more contact us on (07) 3063 9581 or email [email protected]