Professional Recruitment Partnership

Professional Recruitment Partnership (PRP) 

Free up your time by outsourcing all or part of your recruitment process to ConsultANZ through our Professional Recruitment Partnership program.

Professional Recruitment Partnership is ConsultANZ’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution. It allows our Clients to transfer all or part of their recruitment to us if they are struggling to fill specific roles or do not have an in-house team to attract the best talent. PRP is not outsourcing of recruitment in the traditional, contingency sense. Our service is far more consultative and customizable than standard recruiting.

At ConsultANZ we put our Clients’ needs first.

Professional Recruitment Partnership (PRP) is mutually beneficial and designed to develop long-term partnerships, ensuring you are left with time to concentrate on what’s core to your business – managing the operational parts of the business.

ConsultANZ are committed to placing the right person in the right job and we pride ourselves in providing our tailored and managed solution to meet your People resourcing challenges. We invest considerable time in researching and getting to know the intricacies of our clients’ businesses including market positioning, long term business strategies, competitor profiles, internal culture and organisational change, outlook, and future direction.

Our clients appreciate the ConsultANZ business model which is based on a “technical” approach as opposed to being sales driven.

Benefits of outsourcing your recruitment through Professional Recruitment Partnership:


Cost Reduction

We will help you save money on advertising, high staff turnover rates, poor quality hires and lengthy hiring process.


We can provide: contract recruitment services (for short to medium term assignments), permanent recruitment services or a combination of both (for a temp to perm arrangement). We can recruit all levels of personnel from junior through to executive level applicants.

consultanz-rpo Scalability

As your hiring needs fluctuate throughout the year, we can scale the Professional Recruitment Partnership model accordingly.

consultanz-rpoBetter Quality Candidates

We recruit exclusively for the Civil Engineering and Construction industry and have strong industry networks in place.

Over the last eight years we have worked with Australasia’s leading contractors and specialist contractors on various projects, placing people in sectors such as:

  • piling
  • foundations and ground engineering
  • marine civil
  • building
  • construction
  • survey
  • rail
  • tunneling
  • civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • project management.

Our team is led by a strong and experienced senior management team who are either qualified surveyors or engineers, and who have hands-on project-based experience from Australia, New Zealand and the UK. An in-depth knowledge of the market allows us to quickly identify the best talent.

consultanz-rpoAccess to International Candidates

As one of the very few recruitment agencies in Australia (just over 30 licences granted nationally), ConsultANZ can sponsor engineering and construction professionals from offshore through the Labour On-Hire Licence. Our Clients, in conjunction with ConsultANZ, will be able to select skilled, qualified and experienced staff located overseas and bring them to Australia.

consultanz-rpoA Dedicated Team

You will get a dedicated Account Manager supported by a team of Recruiters. Further recruitment redundancy is available within the wider ConsultANZ recruitment team. We will invest our time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent.

consultanz-rpoReduced Time to Hire

The longer a vacancy remains open, the higher the impact on an organisation’s performance. Professional Recruitment Partnership will significantly reduce the time to fill your vacancies with high-quality Candidates.

consultanz-rpoCompliance and Accountability

We will be fully accountable for the results we deliver, adhering to both local and national laws. We will track and report on every step of the recruitment process and significantly reduce risk to your organisation.

consultanz-rpoAnalytics and Reporting

You will receive monthly reporting on roles we are recruiting for, numbers of applications, numbers of screenings, numbers of interviews and numbers of forwarded suitable applications. We can further tailor reporting to your needs for full transparency in the recruitment process.

consultanz-rpoEnhanced Employer Brand

Employer branding is key to attracting the best talent in the market and has a significant impact on hiring. Having a consistent, high-quality recruitment process in place helps to attract the best Candidates. When your recruitment process improves, your overall Employer brand improves too.


We will free up your time so you can concentrate on the main operational activities.

consultanz-rpoBest Advertising and Attraction Methodologies

To attract ‘best fit’ local and international Candidates, we utilize a broad range of advertising and attraction methodologies such as:

  • A dedicated website ( where we advertise all our jobs and publish relevant content;
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) – we post up to eight times a day and have over 170k followers who engage with our content;
  • CRM – this is our in-house database which we are continuously growing and using to amplify our searches. We currently have over 60,000 individual records on the database and growing;
  • Email marketing – job alert emails are sent out to applicants weekly;
  • Job Sites – SEEK, Adzuna, Indeed and free job sites
  • Paid advertising – Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads;
  • Candidate Referral Scheme/ Word of Mouth – we proactively encourage the referral of high-quality candidates via our Referral Scheme, and we find this to be one of our most successful candidate sourcing tools;
  • Australian and New Zealand Returners – through our professional peer networks, we engage and have strong relationships with many Australian and Kiwi engineering professionals on a contract and permanent placement assignments/roles in the UK who invariably return home at some point. For several years, it has been an integral part of the business plan to assist and place them in roles upon returning home to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Industry networking events.


Just like many of our Clients, we are constantly innovating, looking for further ways to recruit more efficiently and provide excellent results.

Our standard Professional Recruitment Partnership package includes:

Advert compilation from JD and hiring manager discussion and project/roles advert placement on:

  • 3rd party advertising platforms: SEEK, Adzuna, Indeed;
  •  ConsultANZ’s social media platforms: LinkedIn (70 000 + followers), Facebook (10 000 + followers), Instagram (23 000 + followers)
  • ConsultANZ website – over 9 000 visitors a month
  •  Database mailout – 65 000 candidate records

Interview and hiring process:

  • Screening – long listing;
  • Technical interviewing –  short listing – including compilation of formal interview notes;       
  • Interview management including offer/decline management;
  • Talent Mapping/Identification/Pipelining;
  • Standard compliance collection: VEVO check, qualifications, white card, passport, driving licence;
  • Formal reference checks
  • Candidate aftercare contact


  • KPI reporting per role
  • Attendance of regular resourcing meetings
  • Market Remuneration advice – Salary Benchmarking

Optional Extras:

  • Detailed Staff Planning and Modelling for Projects;
  • Onboarding of new hires;
  • Targeted campaigns on 3rd party advertising platforms;
  • Personality and character profiling;
  • Raising of formal offer documentation;
  • Exit interviews;
  • Visa processing – on-hire licence;
  • Labour market testing;
  • General HR advice;
  • Marketing and branding

To receive a tailored Professional Recruitment Partnership solution proposal, contact us on +61 7 3063 9581 or email [email protected]

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