Your guide to Australia

Are you a Civil Engineer or a Construction Professional who is considering working and living in Australia? Look no further! Explore our comprehensive guide that gives you practical advice and tips that will make your move to Australia easier.

If you are considering starting a new life in Australia, now is the right time! Engineering job vacancies in Australia are at a ten-year high and many Employers are recruiting internationally to fill their vacancies.

The high demand for Civil Engineers and Construction Professionals is driven by unprecedented investment in large and complex public infrastructure projects, maintenance of infrastructure assets such as roads, bridges, and ports, and the increasing need for sustainable solutions in areas like waste management and water supply.

To meet demand across Australia, over 41,000 further individuals are estimated to be required to fill engineering occupations including positions in civil, geotechnical and structural engineering. Construction Managers, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Structural Engineers, and Geotechnical Engineers have been added to Australia’s Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) and as a result, Employers are given priority visa processing.

If you would like to know more about moving, living and working in Australia, our guide has all the necessary information you need to start your journey Down Under.



Learn about the types of visas available to Engineering and Construction Professionals who want to work in Australia.

Moving & Shipping

Information and tips that will help you organise your move to Australia.

Renting a property

Informing on renting a property in Australia including requirements when renting and costs.

Bringing your pet

Find out what requirements you need to meet to bring your pet to Australia.

Education & Childcare

Understand Australia’s education system, types of schools, childcare services, and costs.

Cost of living

A useful guide on Australia’s cost of living and gain insights on how it compares to other countries.


What you need to know about public transport and driving in Australia.


Learn more about Australia’s public and private healthcare system and what it offers.

General tips

Useful travel tips and advice for Engineers and Construction Professionals considering moving to Australia.


Skills shortages

Learn about Australia’s current engineering skills shortages and check if your skills are in demand.

Qualifications recognition

Check if your engineering and construction qualifications are recognised in Australia.

Write the perfect CV

Applying for an engineering job in Australia? We share tips and advice that will help you create the perfect CV.

Tax system

What you need to know Australia’s tax system and tax rates.

Register or Apply now

Register your interest or apply to our engineering and construction jobs in Australia now.

Industry news

Keep up-to-date with Australia’s latest construction, infrastructure and civil engineering news. 



New South Wales

Known as Australia’s oldest and most populous state, New South Wales is a world-renowned city with a strong economy.


Home to one of the world’s largest coral reef systems, Queensland is known as the Sunshine State in Australia.


From world-class wineries to stunning natural landscapes, the capital city of Victoria is one of the world’s most livable cities.