Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

Refer a friend and you could receive up to AUD $1000. Simply send their CV through the referral form

ConsultANZ are constantly looking for new candidates to place on many of our prestigious contracts / projects and the referral of a good candidate is key to our business. If you know someone looking for work who would be suitable, spend a couple of minutes completing the referral form – it’ll be the easiest money you ever make!

How does the scheme work?

Permanent / Contract Placements

  • Refer a friend’s CV via our referral form. For each CV you refer and we make a placement you will be eligible to receive AUD $500.
  • For every 3rd CV you refer, and we make a placement you will be eligible to receive AUD $1000.

This only applies providing:

  • They gain employment as a construction professional in a permanent placement or do a minimum of 12 weeks in a contract role through ConsultANZ
  • The referral fee is paid after ConsultANZ has been paid by the client
  • We only pay referrals on introduction that lead to a placement
  • The referral must be registered via the website with an accompanying CV attached
  • ConsultANZ have not had previous dealings with the candidate in the last 6 months

Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

No, we are happy for you to keep on recommending as many applicants as you can! One fee applies per referral.

What happens if someone else also refers the applicant?

To avoid any doubt when there is more than one referee, we will pay the referral that was first registered on the website and leads directly to the placement, unless the referring parties agree to split the fee.

Please note we only pay referrals that lead directly to employment. For example: if someone you referred 12 months ago then applies to a recent advert by ConsultANZ and gains employment we would NOT pay a referral as in this case the advert led to the employment and not the referral.

How do I claim my fee?

Send your claim for the referral fee to with REFERRAL in the subject line.

When do I get paid?

Payment of contract placement referrals are made on a quarterly basis once the candidate has completed their 12 weeks employment and only after ConsultANZ has received payment from the client.

Payment of permanent placement referrals are made once ConsultANZ has received payment from the client for the placement and after.

Please Note: ConsultANZ retain the right to terminate or alter the Terms and Conditions of the referral scheme without any requirement to notify the other parties involved.

This referral scheme applies from July 2017.