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What is SkillSelect?

SkillSelect allows skilled applicants who are interested in undertaking work in Australia to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) online.


Western Sydney Airport

5th September 2018

Western Sydney Airport is to be completed by 2026 with the Australian Government investing $5.3 billion for construction of the project.


Is it time to give up the unicorn hunt?

Peter Laver, Director

  It dropped into my inbox overnight like a magical beast running on the periphery of a dream, like the creature of mythical status with a distinct glow that lit my slumber…. it was an email with a list of demands. He had worked for me before. Still relatively young, successful in profession and family, he had three children and… Read More


Where’s the steady incline?

by Peter Laver, Director of ConsultANZ

I love the mining, civil engineering and construction industry. No, it’s not in my blood. My dad was a cattle farmer, as his dad was before him, as was my mother’s dad and his dad before him. Growing up in Central Queensland, young, I got sucked into the mining industry, big operations and big kit … I loved it! I… Read More