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Malcolm and the Australian Infrastructure Boom

by Peter Laver, Director of ConsultANZ

In Australia, we have exactly all the right conditions to be propelled into engineering stardom with the amount of work that is on the horizon.

Cross River Rail – Brisbane

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing at ConsultANZ Recruitment

What is Cross River Rail? Cross River Rail is a new 10.2-kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes 5.9 kilometres of a tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD. How much will it cost to build? It will cost $5.4 billion AUD to build. Why is it being built? Cross River Rail will allow more trains… Read More


South Africans in Australia

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing Manager at ConsultANZ Recruitment

South Africans in Australia – Q&A with Amanda Myburgh, Recruitment Administrator at ConsultANZ Recruitment for the Civil Engineering & Construction.


Is it time to give up the unicorn hunt?

Peter Laver, Director

  It dropped into my inbox overnight like a magical beast running on the periphery of a dream, like the creature of mythical status with a distinct glow that lit my slumber…. it was an email with a list of demands. He had worked for me before. Still relatively young, successful in profession and family, he had three children and… Read More