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Working Holiday Visa 417 for Civil Engineers

Are you a Civil Engineer who is interested in working and holidaying in Australia? Kai-Julian Hendler is a South African with a British Passport who came to Australia on the 417 Working Holiday Visa. Through ConsultANZ he secured a six-month placement with one of our clients before heading off to Lisbon in Europe. What’s Your Story? I came to Australia… Read More

Working Holiday Visa 417

ConsultANZ Recruitment

Have you ever heard of a Working Holiday Visa 417? Are you an English or Irish Engineer or Surveyor who is looking to do some travel and work in Australia? If so, you might be able to apply for the Working Holiday Visa subclass 417. What is a 417 visa, who is eligible for one, and what are the benefits… Read More


Jobs in Australia for recent engineering graduates

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing Manager at ConsultANZ Recruitment

If you have recently graduated from an Australian university If you are about to graduate or have recently graduated from an Australian university, you might want to consider enrolling into a graduate program for Civil Engineers with some of the biggest companies in Australia and New Zealand. Every year Australia’s top engineering and construction companies look for talented and ambitious… Read More


From South Africa to Australia

Today we chat with Nico about his decision to move from South Africa to Australia Q: Where are you originally from and when did you move to Australia? I am originally from Pretoria but have been living in Cape Town for the last 3 years before moving to Australia end of February. Q: How did the decision to move to Australia… Read More


6 Job Search Tips from our Recruiters

ConsultANZ Recruitment

We have asked our Recruiters if they could share some job search tips with job seekers. This is what they want You to know: Tip 1: Be organised in your job search. Keep a record where you have applied and when, and any feedback you have received, etc. You must know in advance where a recruiter is sending your CV… Read More


The Reality of Sponsorship in Australia for construction professionals

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing at ConsultANZ Recruitment

  The number one question ConsultANZ recruiters get from international candidates is the possibility of being sponsored to work in Australia. Unfortunately, getting a sponsorship visa is not as simple as sending us a CV, even if it is an excellent one! Due to the current construction boom and skills shortages in Australia, many companies are open to hiring international… Read More


Surveyors – How to get your overseas qualifications recognized in Australia?

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing at ConsultANZ Recruitment

  SURVEYORS – How To Get Your Overseas qualifications recognized in Australia? STEP 1 Assessment with SSSI The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute This assessment is solely for your application to emigrate to Australia. The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is the authorised assessing authority to assess qualifications and skills for the purpose of migration to Australia under the… Read More


Civil Engineering Opportunities in Australia

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing at ConsultANZ Recruitment

  The construction boom in Australia is in full swing. Below is a summary of civil engineering vacancy trends in 2017. NEW SOUTH WALES         Employers in Sydney experienced a shortage of civil engineering professionals with a low proportion of surveyed vacancies having been filled.         Around 60 per cent of surveyed vacancies were filled.         Shortages in Sydney were across all civil… Read More


Changing Employers on a 457 visa

by Anna Laver, Special Projects Administrator at ConsultANZ

  Changing Employers on a 457 visa At ConsultANZ we understand that some jobs might not be the best match and sometimes an employer change is necessary. However, those who enter Australia on a 457 visa must be aware of the fact that changing an employer can affect their chances of applying for a permanent residency later on. You can… Read More


TSS – Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

by Anna Laver, Talent Acquisition & Marketing Manager at ConsultANZ Recruitment

What is a TSS Visa (Subclass 482)? From March 2018 the Australian Government will introduce a new work visa – the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa which will replace the 457 visa. Until the TSS visa is introduced, the Australian subclass 457 visa will remain available for use by businesses that wish to sponsor skilled workers. TSS is a temporary… Read More