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If you are struggling to attract suitable civil engineering or construction candidates for your Australian or New Zealand business, it’s time to reach out to ConsultANZ.

About us

Established in 2012, ConsultANZ is a family-owned business and a niche supplier of temporary, contract and permanent engineering and associated staffing solutions to the engineering and construction industries in Australia and New Zealand.

We help main contractors, consultancies and civil engineering specialists find the best candidates for permanent and contract/temporary positions.

The company is led by Peter Laver who is a degree-qualified Surveyor with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) from QUT. Peter started his career with BHP in WA as an Engineering/Mining Surveyor and continued gaining civil engineering and surveying experience in the UK where he was involved in various roading and airport projects. In 2005, he transitioned into recruitment. Upon return to Australia in 2011, he established ConsultANZ.

The difference

Unlike other recruitment agencies which service many sectors, ConsultANZ recruits exclusively for the civil engineering and construction industries across Australia and New Zealand.

We are big on systems and processes

Over the last ten years, we have developed a well-defined and documented system that allows us to deliver consistent results for our clients. This means that we do not rely on our consultants’ singular ability or flare to identify suitable candidates for our clients. We also invest heavily in improving our recruitment process including the latest technology available.

We recruit a wide variety of engineering professionals

We have successfully delivered both contract and permanent staffing solutions across the industry in sectors such as heavy civil and major infrastructure projects, major and minor road maintenance contracts, major FRC works, major highway and motorway works, rail and tram projects, all major forms of tunnel projects, marine works, pavements and asphalting works, water-related infrastructure works (capital works and maintenance), utilities and services, piling/foundations and geotechnical, and survey.

All of our consultants are trained in technical interviewing which means our Clients are only presented with the very best candidates who fit the bill.

We ask a lot of questions

We invest considerable time in researching and getting to know the intricacies of our clients’ businesses, including market positioning, long-term business strategies, competitor profiles, internal culture and organisational change, outlook, and future direction. We strive to develop long-term and respectful partnerships with our clients.

We recruit internationally

It’s no secret that both Australia and New Zealand are experiencing severe skills shortages in many industries. While it would great to employ local candidates only for current and upcoming roles, in the current market this is impossible to achieve. That’s why we are helping our clients to recruit staff for their projects from offshore.

While this solution might be new to many businesses, we have been offering international recruitment services from the first day we established ConsultANZ. Over the last ten years, we have placed hundreds of civil engineers, construction professionals and surveyors from such countries as South Africa, the UK, Ireland, and others on a variety of projects across Australia and New Zealand.

To make the process of bringing offshore candidates efficient and seamless for our clients, we partner with immigration consultants who have experience in securing visas for engineering and construction staff. We have a track record and capacity to deliver as few as 1 or as many as 40 placements on large projects.

Because we have been recruiting internationally for many years, we already have substantial pipelines of hard-to-find, pre-interviewed candidates who are keen to start a new life Down Under.

We use a variety of ways to identify and attract the best candidates

ConsultANZ utilises a broad range of advertising and attraction methodologies to identify the best candidates for our clients.

  • Our dedicated website receives more than 15,000 visits each month and features a sophisticated job board, industry news, immigration and visa advice, recruitment resources and a variety of other relevant content.
  • We have a strong and well-established presence on social media with over 112,000 LinkedIn followers. We are also the Winner of LinkedIn’s 2021 Search and Staffing awards across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our Consultants are extremely well-connected in the industry with over 62,000 industry connections on LinkedIn.
  • We have over 50,000 newsletter subscribers who frequently engage with our bi-weekly updates.
  • ConsultANZ has an extensive in-house database which we are continuously growing and using to amplify our searches. We currently have over 100,000 individual records that we actively engage with through our targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Candidate referral scheme/word of mouth – from our extensive global network, we proactively encourage the referral of high-quality candidates. We find this to be one of our most successful candidate-sourcing tools and a sizable percentage of our placements are made from referrals.
  • We are a firm believer in being organised, prepared, and proactive thus are always pipelining typical candidates in roles that our client base has demand for. On average, the ConsultANZ team formally qualify and technically interview over 200 target candidates per month which amounts to over 2400 candidates per annum. We believe this strong pre-emptive activity is one of the secrets to ConsultANZ’s ongoing success.
  • Through our professional peer networks, we engage with many Australian and Kiwi engineering professionals on contract and permanent placement assignments/roles in the UK, and further abroad, who invariably return home at some point. For several years, it has been an integral part of our business plan to assist and place them in roles upon returning home to both New Zealand and the Australian markets.

We are experts at approaching passive candidates

In the current employment markets in Australia and New Zealand, most candidates aren’t actively looking for a new job. They are what Recruiters call ‘passive’ candidates. Usually, they are employed, happy in their current roles and not looking for new opportunities. They don’t apply for positions, but that doesn’t mean they are not open to new opportunities if approached. This is why headhunting and talent search is essential.

Headhunting is where the recruitment agency or your recruitment team searches for the right person to fit your company and the role you are looking to fill. It usually starts with identifying people with the appropriate experience and/or qualifications needed to be an ideal candidate. From here, a conversation is started rather than waiting for the right candidate to apply for the role.

While it might take some effort to sell your opportunity and company, passive candidates are unlikely to be interviewing elsewhere. If you can get them interested, you face far less competition for their attention.

What are the advantages of hiring a passive candidate:

  • You know they have the right skills – they already fit your list of criteria and prerequisites to be suitable for the job.
  • There is no need to oversell themselves – a passive candidate does not need to lie or exaggerate qualifications as they are not anxious to get a job because they are already employed.
  • They are reliable – typically, passive candidates tend to be good team members with a strong work ethic as they are gainfully employed and enjoy their job. They aren’t jumping from job to job.


We can help you with your recruitment needs! Whether you are a small business, a consultancy or a multinational firm, we can find the right people for you. If you would like to find out more about our tailored solutions, get in touch with Peter Laver on LinkedIn.

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