Top Civil Engineering and Construction Companies in New Zealand 2024


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Below is ConsultANZ’s guide to top civil engineering and construction companies in New Zealand in 2024 that are responsible for some of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects.

Fletcher Construction

Established in 1909, Fletcher Construction is one of the largest construction companies in New Zealand. They have a long history of delivering high-quality services, including roads and structures, marine, water, airports, rail, renewable energy, and buildings.

With a team of 3700 people, Fletcher Construction has been involved in many of New Zealand’s most significant projects. This includes the City Rail Link in Auckland, the Transmission Gully Motorway project, the Pūhoi to Warkworth Motorway, and more.

Fletcher Construction

Public get sneak peek of Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi To Warkworth

CPB Contractors

CPB Contractors is a leading international provider of engineering, construction, and procurement services across numerous industries, including transportation, energy, water, and resources. They are a subsidiary of the CIMIC Group and operate in Australia, Asia, India, and Papua New Guinea.

The company has a strong commitment to sustainability and has implemented initiatives in reducing the environmental impact of its operations. This includes using sustainable construction practices and minerals, reducing emissions and waste from construction sites.

They have a strong track record of delivering major infrastructure projects across New Zealand. Significant projects include the Auckland Light Rail, Transmission Gully Motorway in Wellington, Southern Corridor Improvements, and the Baypark to Bayfair Link upgrade in Tauranga.

CPB Contractors

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NZ Government marks the start of physical works for Auckland Light Rail

Transmission Gully New Open Date

HEB Construction

HEB Construction is a top-tier infrastructure company that originated in New Zealand and has been operating since 1995. The company specialises in civil engineering, bridge and road construction, maintenance services, ports and marines, and heavy haulage.

Owned by VINCI Construction Group, HEB Construction has contributed to several significant New Zealand projects, including the Ahaura Bridge, the Huntly bypass, Ruakanakana Pass (Tunnel 21), and Waikato Expressway. Also, the Northern Corridor Improvements in Auckland, Christchurch Southern Motorway, and several more.

HEB Construction has several projects in progress, including Takitimu North Link, O Mahurangi Penlink Transport Connection project, Cambridge Road project, Mobility and Climate Resilience projects in Wellington, Te Ahu a Turanga: Manawatū Tararua Highway, and many more.

HEB Construction

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O Mahurangi Penlink at the construction starting line

HEB Construction, a VINCI Construction subsidiary, awarded the contract for mobility and climate resilience projects in Wellington

Fulton Hogan

The company was founded by Julius Fulton and Bob Hogan in Dunedin in 1933 and has been operating for nearly 90 years today. Fulton Hogan employs over 9000 people in transport, water, mining, energy, and land development infrastructure across New Zealand and Australia.

Fulton Hogan has been part of many significant projects, including the Takitimu North Link project, Mount Iron roundabout, Auckland Light Rail, Cambridge Road Overbridge, O Mahurangi Penlink transport connection project, Northern Pathway Harbour Bridge, and many more.

Fulton Hogan

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VINCI and Fulton Hogan awarded contract for the Takitimu North Link road in New Zealand

Fulton Hogan and HEB Joint Venture begin construction on Cambridge Road Overbridge


Downer is a leading engineering, infrastructure management, and construction services provider. They operate in transportation, energy, mining, and facilities management across Australia and New Zealand. Downer is known for their diverse and highly skilled workforce, with over 50,000 workers across more than 300 sites.

In February 2023, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director Peter Tompkins took over Downer Group. Mr Tompkins comes to the role of Downer CEO with deep knowledge of the company’s culture, strategy, markets and customers.

With their strong focus on infrastructure and construction projects, they have been involved in many major projects across New Zealand. This includes the Auckland Light Rail, Victoria Park Tunnel project, Waterview Connection project, the Victoria Park Tunnel project, and many more.

Current projects include the mobility and climate resilience projects in Wellington, rebuild projects following the 2016 earthquakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura, and many more. Downer is also delivering three of Auckland’s City Rail Link projects, which is the largest transport infrastructure project in New Zealand.


Taranaki maintenance programme wraps up for the 2021/2022 summer construction season

McConnell Dowell

With over 60 years of history in New Zealand, McConnell Dowell is an engineering, construction and maintenance contractor. The top-tier Civil Engineering and Construction company has over 3000 employees across Australia, Asia, and the Middle East and is owned by the international infrastructure and resources company Avent Limited.

The company focuses on civil, rail, marine, pipelines, electrical, building, tunnelling and underground construction, and fabrication. Over the years, McConnell Dowell has completed numerous projects, including constructing bridges, airports, railways, water treatment facilities, and oil and gas facilities.

McConnell Dowell has completed various projects, including Christchurch Southern Motorway (Stage 2), Port Nelson Wharf extension, Northern Busway bridges, Auckland City Rail Link (Contract 2), Kawarau Falls Bridge, and Ngā Hau Māngere Bridge Project.

Currently, the company is working on the Warkworth to Snells Transfer Pipeline project, Gisbourne Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade (Stages 1 and 2), Ports of Auckland Outfall Upgrade project, and several more.

McConnell Dowell website

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CRL City Rail Link – New Zealand


ACCIONA is a global Spanish group that operates in the infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services sectors. They operate in over 30 countries across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania. Acciona also has a diverse workforce, with approximately 38,000 employees worldwide.  

Before Acciona entered the market in New Zealand, ACCIONA was involved in several projects across Australia, including the Pacific Highway Upgrade, Sydney Metro West, Sydney Western Harbour Tunnel, New England Highway Upgrade and many more. Currently, they are working on developing Australia’s largest wind farm and other renewable projects across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

In June 2022, ACCIONA celebrated a significant milestone by opening a corporate office based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company’s first project in New Zealand is constructing the 18.5km Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway. This project includes the design, construction, finance, operation, and maintenance of the four-lane highway in northern Auckland.

Acciona website

Public get sneak peek of Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi To Warkworth

Waka Kotahi NZ refutes claims regarding Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway

John Holland

John Holland is Australia and New Zealand’s leading infrastructure, building, rail and multi-modal transport company. Founded in 1949 by Sir John Holland, John Holland has 5,595 employees across Australia and New Zealand.

Recently, John Holland was awarded the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation for 2023. The accolade recognises John Holland’s visible commitment to gender equality by creating a workplace that equally supports people to achieve their best.

Though the company is more involved with Australian projects, John Holland also has a strong track record of delivering complex projects across various sectors in New Zealand. The significant infrastructure projects for New Zealand include the construction of the City Rail Link, the Wellington Metro Upgrade project (Stage 2), and many more.

John Holland website

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John Holland recognised for gender equality


Ventia is one the largest infrastructure services company in Australia and New Zealand. Established over 65 years, the company has over 35,000 workers and operates in over 400. Ventia operates across various segments, including social infrastructure, transport, defence, water, environmental services resources, electricity and gas, and telecommunications.

Transport infrastructure is a key area of expertise Ventia in New Zealand offers. They provide maintenance and management services, including roads, bridges, and tunnels. Another big area the company focuses on is the maintenance service for energy and utility infrastructure.

Ventia has been part of many significant projects across New Zealand. This includes City Rail Link (CRL), the Transmission Gully Motorway project, the LED lighting project, the rebuild of the transport infrastructure in Christchurch and many more.

Ventia website

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