Drainage Manager Job Description

Drainage Manager

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Drainage Manager Job Description

A drainage manager oversees the planning and maintenance of drainage systems, coordinating projects to prevent flooding and optimise infrastructure in urban or industrial areas.


  • Coordinate projects to prevent flooding and manage water flow
  • Lead and mentor a team including supervisors, engineers, and other staff
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and maintain strong client relationships
  • Prepare and manage commercial reports, budgets and cost-control measures for projects
  • Enforce adherence to industry standards
  • Conduct inspections and maintenance of drainage facilities
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and environmental standards
  • Identify project risks and develop strategies to manage them efficiently and effectively


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Construction Management or any other related field
  • Proven experience in project management (stormwater and sewer) and client management
  • Effective communication and client management skills
  • Proficiency in project management software and tools
  • Exceptional organisational and decision-making skills

Working Conditions

  • Travel will be required to worksites
  • Work in an office and on-site environment
  • Extra hours may be required when nearing the completion of a project
  • Work schedules tend to vary depending on project needs
  • Safety equipment must be worn on-site
  • A lot of collaborative work with other professionals working on the project

Average Salary

  • $100k – $120k per year in Australia
  • $110k – $130k per year in New Zealand

Salary is based on © SEEK© Indeed and © Talent statistics and research.

This Drainage Manager job description is a guideline only and will vary depending on the company, project and location within the Australian/New Zealand market.

Job Opportunities for a Drainage Manager

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