Survey Assistant Job Description

Survey Assistant

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Survey Assistant Job Description

A Survey Assistant works alongside Surveyors to support a variety of tasks during a land or building survey. This includes setting up surveying instruments, conducting and collecting data, maintaining equipment, and ensuring accurate documentation.


  • Set up, transport and utilise surveying instruments
  • Aid in measuring distances, angles, and terrain irregularities
  • Gather and label samples
  • Clear survey areas from debris and vegetation
  • Document measurements manually or using electronic devices
  • Position pegs and survey markers according to instructions
  • Contribute to the analysis of the location, form, and elevation of natural elements


  • Basic mathematical and analytical skills essential for surveying tasks
  • Strong communication skills
  • Physical fitness to ensure the ability to work outdoors in varying weather conditions
  • Familiarity with using surveying instruments and technology
  • Willingness to follow instructions and work under the guidance of Surveyors
  • Basic knowledge of geography, landforms, and surveying principles
  • Understand safety protocols and adherence to surveying standards

Working Conditions

  • May need to work in varying weather conditions
  • Occasional travel between sites
  • Regular interaction with Surveyors, and other surveying-related professionals
  • Obtain a White Card to work on construction sites
  • Following instructions is essential

Average Salary

  • Approximately $45k – $50k per year in Australia
  • Approximately $46k – $50k per year in New Zealand

Salary is based on © SEEK and © Indeed statistics and research.

This Survey Assistant job description is a guideline only and will vary depending on the company, project and location within the Australian/New Zealand market.

Job Opportunities for a Survey Assistant

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