Surveyor Job Description

Surveyor Job description

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Surveyor Job Description

As a Surveyor, you will be expected to estimate construction project property boundaries and provide accurate mining, mapmaking, and legal data. Surveyors will access these spaces on-site to compare measurements to existing records to ensure accuracy. There is typically a mix of office work and on-site work.


  • Take measurements to determine land and property boundaries, locate and define boundaries, prepare maps, and survey plots
  • Record the results or surveying, compare them with previous records and verify the accuracy of the data
  • Use precise measuring equipment, technical expertise, and interpretive skills to locate and define public and private land boundaries
  • Use GPS, robotic total stations (theodolites), aerial and terrestrial scanners, and computer software
  • Develop and establish reference systems for geographic and land information
  • Work within a team and regularly interact with engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, and Government departments
  • Collect, analyse and manage geographic data
  • Write descriptions of surveyed lands for property deeds, report survey results, and present findings to clients/Government agencies
  • Examine previous survey records and evidence to ensure data accuracy


  • A bachelor’s degree in surveying, geospatial science, spatial science, geographical information systems, or any other civil engineering and surveying qualification
  • Excellent mathematical and problem-solving skills
  • Must have a White card, which allows you to prepare to work safely in the construction industry
  • Good understanding of modern survey instrumentation
  • Working knowledge of GPS and GIS
  • Tech-savvy, including familiarity with CAD software
  • Strong communication skills
  • Driver’s license – not necessary, but preferred by employers

Working Conditions

  • Travelling is an essential part of Surveyor works
  • Surveyors generally move around with their survey instruments/tools. They wear brightly coloured or reflective vests so other surveyors/construction workers can see them easily.
  • Surveyors split their time between office environments and construction sites.

Average Salary

  • $95k – $120k per year

Salary is based on © SEEK statistics and research; view their website here.

This Surveyor job description is a guideline only and will vary depending on the company, project and location within the Australian/New Zealand market.

Job Opportunities for Surveyors

Currently, there is a national skill shortage for Surveyors in Australia and New Zealand. If you are a Surveyor and would like to be part of the infrastructure boom in Australia or New Zealand, register your CV here or search for our jobs.

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