Mine Surveyor Job Description

Mine Surveyor

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Mine Surveyor Job Description

Mine Surveyors create designs and plan to accurately represent underground mining and surface activities. They generally use scientific tools to map out mineral deposits and determine the commercial viability of mines.


  • Create 3D models of mining sites using design software and digital imaging
  • Identify potential risks and environmental effects on a mine planning sheet
  • Use GIS to create site maps such as mining structures and deposit layers
  • Certify the accuracy of surface mining plans and underground surveys
  • Negotiate contracts to purchase, lease, or access mining construction sites
  • Update construction site maps and plans for mine development
  • Chart surface areas using GPS
  • Review ownership rights or naive titles
  • Advise operators and other mining professionals in restoring the landscape


  • An accredited degree in surveying, spatial science, geospatial science, or geographical information systems
  • Strong understanding of safety regulations and practices in mining environments
  • Have knowledge and experience using surveying tools, equipment, and surveying technology such as GIS
  • Strong organisational skills, is observant, and analytical skills
  • Registration as a Surveyor – all states have different eligibility requirements

Working Conditions

  • Can be physically exhausting working in mines – long walking distances, long-standing hours in all types of weather
  • Carry all surveying instruments/equipment to locations
  • Travel is essential
  • Safety clothing and equipment must be on at all times in hazardous mining environments 

Average Salary

  • $140k – $160k per year in Australia

Salary is based on © SEEK and © Indeed statistics and research.

This Mine Surveyor job description is a guideline only and will vary depending on the company, project and location within the Australian/New Zealand market.

Job Opportunities for Mine Surveyors

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