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Today we chat with Richard Christer, our Recruitment Director about his decision to move to Australia from South Africa.

Q: Where are you originally from and when did you move to Australia?

I am originally from Ballito, South Africa. I spent a large portion of my working life in the UK. I moved to Australia at the start of 2017.

Q: How did the decision to move come about?

I had the offer of sponsorship to work (for ConsultANZ) and live in Australia. After being back in South Africa (from the UK) for 3 years, we decided that it was an opportunity we had to take.

Q: How did you like Brisbane when you first moved here? Was there anything that was strikingly different from living in SA?

The first thing you notice when you move to Brisbane in the cleanliness. Public spaces and parks are immaculate and respected by all. Also, the speed limit on motorways is 100km/hour – and people stick to it!

Q: What are the things you really enjoy about Australia and what are the things you miss?

There is a lot to do: beaches, parks and sport! Australia has a great outdoor lifestyle. Everyone has a bike, or a kayak, or a boat, or a ball etc. There are unbelievable public facilities including camping and sports grounds. We obviously miss friends and family with whom we share history, but we have thrown ourselves into what Oz has to offer.

Q: Anything that Australia does better than SA?

There are plenty of things that Australia does better than SA, but cricket is not one … currently!

Q: Would you consider moving back home?

At this point, we are very happy in Australia and see no reason to leave… any time soon. Australia is a great place to raise a family. Australia is a land of milk and honey!

Q: What advice would you offer to anyone from SA considering emigrating to Australia?

If you are considering and you have the opportunity to come, then come! It’s warm, welcoming and full of work opportunities!

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