A guide to engineering competency in Australia’s construction sector


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Engineering competency refers to the set of skills, knowledge, abilities, and attributes that engineers possess to effectively perform their job roles.

Competency in engineering goes beyond just having technical knowledge; it encompasses a broad range of qualities that enable engineers to excel in their work. These competencies are typically developed through education, training, and practical experience.

Overall, engineering competency combines technical mastery with a range of interpersonal, problem-solving, and ethical skills that enable engineers to contribute effectively to their profession.

The following guide has been developed by ACA and Engineers Australia for Construction Engineers as a guide to career stages and competency requirements that support career progression.

This guide may be used by individuals to:

• Assess their current competencies against industry benchmarks
• Develop a professional development plan
• Select training courses and learning opportunities
• Use as a tool to help in conversations with their manager
• Begin preparation for Registration or Chartered applications

Employers and managers can use this guide to:

• Assess current competency and capability of individuals and a team
• Prepare learning interventions
• Select training providers
• Customise learning content for the construction industry
• Adapt or incorporate these competencies into their current framework and practices

This guide has been developed with the significant contribution of the following Australian Constructors Association member representatives:

• Tom Laslett, Project Manager NSW/ACT Infrastructure, John Holland (Chair)
• James Glastonbury, EGM – Engineering, Technology & Innovation, McConnell Dowell (initially involved as a Laing O’Rourke representative)
• Con Boutsikakis, Project Director, Fulton Hogan
• Tristan Walters, Alliance General Manager, Southern Program Alliance
• Uwe Hestermann, General Manager – Engineering, McConnell Dowell
• Ron Thomas, General Manager – Engineering, CPB Contractors
• Romy Short, Communications Manager, Fulton Hogan

Download the Construction Engineer Learning and Development Guide by Engineers Australia and Australian Constructors Association

Source: Engineers Australia

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