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The NSW Government has completed a comprehensive and independent review of Sydney Metro, examining the value for money, project governance and passenger impacts.

The NSW Government has completed a comprehensive and independent review into the Sydney Metro project, the Sydney Metro Review.

The Sydney Metro Review examined value for money, delivery models, project governance and passenger impacts. It evaluated the delivery of Sydney Metro to date, and the current state of progress against delivery targets and made recommendations for getting the maximum value out of the project, including looking at better land use, urban renewal and better integration with the wider transport network.

Sydney Metro has a role in creating vibrant new communities, enhancing existing places, delivering integrated station developments and acting as a catalyst for urban renewal.

The review was conducted by Mr Mike Mrdak, who is Chair at the New South Wales Regional Growth Corporation, and Chair at the Airport Development Group. Deputy Chair of the review was Amanda Yeates, CEO of SunCentral.

Here’s a simplified summary of the observations regarding the Sydney Metro West Project:

  1. Proceed with Current Design: The Review Panel strongly recommends continuing the Project as planned, emphasizing its critical role in shaping Greater Sydney’s future transport and land use.
  2. Beyond Just Transport: The Project is more than just a fast connection between CBDs. It’s about linking Western Sydney to a reliable transport network, improving network resilience, and connecting people to major economic centers.
  3. Creation of Key Precincts: Nine strategic precincts will be developed, significantly expanding housing and creating new job and lifestyle opportunities. Maximizing these opportunities is essential.
  4. Challenges and Flexibility: The Project has faced challenges like budget changes, market volatility, and COVID disruptions. The Panel suggests more flexibility in work sequencing and a re-evaluation of the 2032 operational target to manage these pressures.
  5. Budget Transparency: Better public explanations are needed regarding the budget and how the investment aligns with broader government strategies.
  6. High Standards but Possible Relaxation: Sydney Metro’s high standards, particularly in sustainability and safety, are praised. However, some standards might be relaxed for cost-effectiveness, without compromising long-term goals.
  7. Sydney Metro’s Capabilities: The agency is recognized for its expertise in mega-project delivery, although challenges and risks remain.
  8. Complex Procurement: The procurement of remaining project packages is complex. The focus should be on who can best manage integration risks and the appropriate incentive/disincentive systems.
  9. Enhancement Opportunities: The Panel suggests several enhancements, like improved planning controls and surface transport connections. These would align closely with government priorities but could increase costs and cause delays.
  10. Project Update Needed: A comprehensive update on the project is necessary, including a revised timeline and budget considering recent delays and additional costs.

The review also highlights that while New South Wales has significantly improved its infrastructure capabilities, particularly for Metro-based projects, there is a lack of a clear, actionable long-term project pipeline beyond current initiatives.

The NSW Government is advised to prioritize establishing a future extension plan to prevent a sector-wide reduction in resources and capabilities around 2026. This is especially important as 2025-2026 is seen as a crucial period for sustaining construction sector capabilities in transport infrastructure, coinciding with increased investments in energy projects.

The review suggests that the government should develop and follow a clear, staged pipeline of Metro projects that are financially viable over the long term. This approach is also important for managing Sydney Metro’s workforce, ensuring the retention of skills and experience. In summary, the recommendation is for a strategic and sustainable approach to future Metro project planning and workforce management.

In essence, the Sydney Metro West Project is seen as vital for Sydney’s future, but it requires careful management of challenges, budget transparency, and potential enhancements to maximize its impact.

  • The Review’s final report was released on 7 December 2023.
  • The Review’s Interim Report was released on 1 August 2023 to support the 2023-24 NSW State budget. 

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