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John Holland has set its sights on the biggest infrastructure challenge the country has ever faced – the transition to a renewable energy future.

A dedicated energy business within John Holland will target the growing pipeline of renewable energy and energy transition projects across Australia.

With the federal government setting a target of a 43 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030, and a requirement of around $240 billion in cumulative renewable infrastructure investment by 2040, the national call to action has never been more urgent.

To answer the call, John Holland is leveraging its existing expertise and capabilities in delivering complex infrastructure into the energy sector.

The clean energy transformation will create massive opportunities for John Holland to transfer skills and jobs from traditional to ‘clean energy’ sectors and unlock new opportunities to build the infrastructure our nation needs.

CEO Joe Barr says it’s a challenge that John Holland was made for.

“We specialise in delivering complex infrastructure projects that transform lives – that’s what we’re best known for – and the energy sector is perfectly aligned to our strengths and capabilities,” says John Holland Joe Barr.

“This includes tunnelling, mechanical, electrical, and heavy civil engineering – the sorts of specialisations that allow us to deliver everything from the Rozelle Interchange Project in Sydney to the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project in far north Queensland,” says John Holland Joe Barr.

“We want local communities and workers to benefit from this pipeline, and to leave a legacy beyond the life of any single project,” says John Holland Joe Barr.

To supercharge John Holland’s new Energy business, Norman Lovemore has been appointed as General Manager – Energy to focus on winning and delivering projects, creating jobs, and ensuring we maximise social and community value from the energy pipeline.

The appointment comes as John Holland delivers one of the biggest pumped hydro projects in Australia – the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro plant west of Townsville – on behalf of Genex Power.

Norman brings more than 25 years’ experience in project, operational and management roles. 

“This is one of the most exciting markets that’s emerging in our industry, and the opportunities are endless,” says General Manager for Energy Norman Lovemore.

“It’s a market we need to be part of, in order to help the country, and overcome what is one of the biggest challenges for the next generation,” says General Manager for Energy Norman Lovemore.

Importantly, Norman says the energy market will see John Holland working in more regional communities across Australia – something that John Holland prides itself on.

“This is one of our great strengths as a business. We can mobilise and deliver in regional communities where the renewable energy project pipeline will be most prevalent, while also tapping into local workforce and supporting local businesses,” says General Manager for Energy Norman Lovemore.

“We’re very conscious we need to manage the social licence we hold with the communities we operate in – and leave a legacy once projects have been completed,” says General Manager for Energy Norman Lovemore.

“We’re keen to play our part to contribute to Australia’s clean energy future. Our legacy from the last 70 years is clear and we’re excited about the opportunities in front of us,” says General Manager for Energy Norman Lovemore.

“We have had a strong track record in transmission projects throughout the country and look forward to building this capability again,” says General Manager for Energy Norman Lovemore.

John Holland is no stranger to the energy sector, having helped deliver the iconic Snowy Mountains Scheme – a 25-year-long construction project that has since been rated one of the civil engineering wonders of the modern world.

John Holland has also previously been one of the largest transmission contractors, having built many key projects across Australia.

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Image source: © 2023 John Holland Group Pty Ltd

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