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A Comprehensive List of New Zealand’s Major Infrastructure Projects in 2021 

Major infrastructure for New Zealand is proving to be beneficial in boosting the economy post-Covid19, similar to our projects here in Australia. While the size of major infrastructure projects is smaller compared to Australia, they are working on some of the largest projects in New Zealand history. We take a look at their current projects for 2021 below.

City Rail Link

Location: Auckland, North Island

Value: 3.4 billion NZD

The City Rail Link (CLR) is the most significant transport infrastructure project in New Zealand. Predictions indicate that CRL stations will need to cope with 54,000 passengers an hour at peak travel times, rather than the original estimate of 36,000.

This major infrastructure project involves constructing a 3.45km twin-tunnel underground rail link up to 42 metres below the city centre, transforming the downtown Britomart Transport Centre into a two-way through-station that connects the Auckland rail network.

It includes a redeveloped Mount Eden Station where the CRL connects with the North Auckland (Western Line) and new underground stations.

Construction is due to be completed in late 2024.

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East-West Link

Location: Auckland, North Island

Value: 1.85 billion NZD

The East-West Link (EWL) will provide a new transport connection on the northern side of the Māngere Inlet between Onehunga and Penrose, providing improved connectivity.

With cycleways and footpaths, the new four-lane road will cross along the southern side of the Onehunga / Penrose business area. As a result, improving travel times and travel time reliability, making it easier for local business owners, freight and customers to get into and out of the area.

The works proposed for this major infrastructure project includes:

  • New Four-lane arterial road
  • SH1 Widened
  • Upgrades to the Neilson St Interchange
  • A full pedestrian and cycling link
  • Local road connections
  • Coastal edge of Māngere Inlet
  • Wetland treatment

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Auckland Light Rail

Location: Auckland, North Island

Value: 1.8 billion NZD

The light rail network will have two major lines within the next decade.

The first line will link the CBD to Auckland Airport, comprising approximately 23 kilometres of a dual light rail line, with rolling stock and operation of the line also procured. The second line is a North-Western line which will run between the City Centre and Waimauku.

Auckland Light Rail will offer connectivity with other modes of transportation for improved accessibility across the city and reduce the burden on bus transportation.

It is expected to operate primarily on existing roads at street level and will produce zero emissions.

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Transmission Gully

Location: Pāuatahanui, North Island

Value: 1.25 billion NZD

Transmission Gully is a 27-kilometre four-lane motorway that connects with SH1 at the existing Mackays Crossing interchange and merges with the current SH1 at Linden. Four new interchanges and two new link roads will connect the motorway to Paekākāriki, SH58, Waitangirua and Kenepuru.

The Transmission Gully motorway will:

  • Significantly reduce the number of fatal and severe injury crashes
  • Increase capacity and passing opportunities
  • Provide a more reliable and safer journey for motorists and one that is better able to resist and recover from earthquakes and storms
  • Provide another route between Wellington and the lower North Island
  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve safety within communities like Porirua by significantly reducing traffic
  • Reduce fuel costs and contribute to economic growth.

Transmission Gully is to open in September 2021

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving – Mass Transit – City Newtown

Location: Wellington, North Island

Value: 990 million NZD

As part of the Lets Get Wellington Moving recommended investment programme, there is a proposal to develop a mass transit link between the central city to Newtown along the waterfront quays. They are aiming to connect the railway station with the Hospital, Newtown, Miramar and the Airport.

Mass transit will improve travel choice through the city with attractive public transport and help shape a more compact and sustainable city and region.

This major infrastructure project is still in the early stages of development, so watch this space.

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Taki to North Link

Location: Tauranga, North Island

Value: 933 million NZD

The Takitimu North Link project is a new 14km four-lane highway connecting Tauranga, and Ōmokoroa is a key strategic transport corridor for the region. It will provide greater travel choice with public transport and a shared path for walking and cycling.

The interchanges will be built at Minden Road and Ōmokoroa Road, a new bridge crossing over the Wairoa River, an underpass at Cambridge Road and Wairoa Road, and a new westbound single lane connection from 15th Avenue to the Takitimu Drive Toll Road.

Takitimu North Link will be constructed in two phases, beginning in late 2021, subject to property negotiations.

  • Takitimu North Link stage one: 6.8km between SH29 and SH2 near Te Puna ($478m)
  • Takitimu North Link stage two: 7km between SH2 Te Puna and Ōmokoroa ($455m)

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Otaki to North Levin

Location: Ōtaki, North Island

Value: 817 million NZD

Ōtaki to north Levin is a programme of works to improve the safety and resilience of the Ōtaki to north of Levin transport corridor and plan to increase transport choice for the area’s growing population.

These plans include delivering short- and medium-term safety improvements, designating for a new 24-kilometre highway, an allowance for four lanes in the future, and working to enhance public transport options and improve amenity Levin.

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving – Mount Victoria Tunnel & Road Widening

Location: Wellington, North Island

Value: 480 million NZD

As part of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving recommended investment programme, there is a proposal to construct an extra Mount Victoria Tunnel and widen Ruahine St/Wellington Road.

This major infrastructure project aims to divert traffic away from the central city and enable more reliable access to key destinations such as hospitals and airports.

It will be underway by 2024, including detailed investigation, design, consultation, consenting, and early construction work.

They are looking at how possible improvements at the Basin Reserve and Mt Victoria Tunnel highway can:

  • Enhance the liveability of the central city.
  • Reduce reliance on private vehicle travel.
  • Provide more efficient and reliable access to support growth.
  • Improve safety for all users.
  • Improve resilience through a transport system that’s adaptable to disruptions and future uncertainty.

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Location: Whangaparāoa Peninsula, North Island

Value: 411 million NZD

The Penlink project (‘Penlink’) will create an alternative access route to the Whangaparāoa Peninsula to connect to State Highway 1.

The objectives of this major infrastructure project is to:

  • reduce traffic volumes through the Silverdale Interchange, providing transport capacity for housing developments in Wainui, Silverdale West, and development on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula
  • improve connections to support economic activity in Dairy Flat and Silverdale
  • support improved public transport services with more reliable journey times
  • provide new and safer facilities for people on foot and bikes
  • provide greater network resilience.

Key features include:

  • A new 7km highway corridor
  • A bridge over the Weiti River accommodating the separated walking and cycling shared path
  • South facing ramps to SH1
  • Local road connections at Whangaparāoa Road, Stillwater Township and East Coast Road.

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Southern Auckland Rail Stations

Location: Auckland, North Island

Value: 247 million NZD

In line with plans currently underway to improve railway access to the region, three stations have been proposed for additional improvements to public transport.

Preferred options for the three stations are:

  1. Drury Central Station – will be located on the existing rail line south of Waihoehoe Road, between Flanagan and Great South Roads. It is to be near a proposed large town centre to the south of Waihoehoe Road.
  2. Drury West Station – will be located on the existing rail line, about 450 metres south of SH22 / Karaka Road and Jesmond Road. Future housing settlements are to be developed close by, enabling commuters to get to the station easily on foot or bike.
  3. Paerata Station – will be located on the existing rail line, adjacent to the planned eastern extent of the Paerata Rise development. A larger park-and-ride facility with bike parking and a bus interchange would provide access to the station.

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Watch this space as New Zealand continues to develop their major infrastructure project priority list.

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