Reasons for Considering Jobs with Lower Pay


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Why would you take a job that pays less?

At ConsultANZ we sometimes come across candidates who know exactly how much they want to earn and won’t allow for any negotiation on the dollars offered.

While for some people money is a priority, the truth is that for most of us other factors come into play when choosing our next employment opportunity.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider accepting a job with a lower salary:


Living costs vary across Australia and so do property prices. The dollars you earn in a small regional town will go much further than the ones you earn in Sydney or Melbourne. If you are working in a smaller city or your job location is close to your home, you will save money and time.


If you are young and single maybe you don’t mind working 55 hours a week, but those with families know that working 40 hours a week does help with a better work-life balance.

Less stress

High paying jobs come with a lot of responsibility and stress. If you are over strict deadlines and lots of pressure, taking a pay cut might be a path to a balanced life.


Your lower salary might come with benefits such as a company car, a health insurance package, an offer to pay for your degree, accommodation, on-site childcare, a gym pass and many more.

A more fulfilling role

Good money doesn’t necessarily come with room for career growth.

Sometimes it’s wiser to accept a lower-paying job at a flourishing company where you have the potential to climb the career ladder and make some serious money later on.

Career change

If you are considering working in a different role or industry than the one you are experienced in, it’s very likely that you will need to accept a pay cut at the start. Unfortunately, not all skills and experience are transferrable.

A dream job

You have been hoping to get a job at a specific company for years and now there is finally a job opening, but with a lower salary you are currently on – we say “go for it!”.

To sum up

Salary is important, but it’s not the only factor determining a good job and it’s worth making a list of pros and cons when considering a job offer.

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