Requirements for Australian citizens to (re)enter New Zealand

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1) Australians NOT ordinarily resident in New Zealand

Australian citizens and Australian Permanent Residents who are not ordinarily resident in New Zealand need a critical purpose to enter New Zealand.

This typically requires a Border Exception Expression of Interest (EOI) to be lodged by the employer (or by a Licensed Immigration Adviser for the employer):

2) Australians ordinarily resident in New Zealand

Australian citizens and Australian Permanent Residents who ordinarily reside in New Zealand can travel to New Zealand without first requesting a border exception. However, INZ recommend you check your eligibility before your intended departure by completing a ‘request to travel’:

You must provide acceptable evidence at airport check-in clearly showing that you are ordinarily resident in New Zealand. This may include but is not limited to:

  • A New Zealand driver licence, or evidence of tax residency with Inland Revenue;
  • documentation confirming current employment in New Zealand;
  • documentation confirming you own or rent property in New Zealand — for example, utility bills, rates notices, lease agreement.

Your residency will be verified against your travel history before Immigration New Zealand makes a decision if you are allowed to board your flight.

More information is available on:

In addition to the above, you will also require the below:

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