How social media can push the boundaries of a small business


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It’s time to join the crowd of social media

I feel like I say that too often these days, but seriously thinking about it, when have we seen so much dramatic change out there in society and the business world in such a brief time?

Has there ever been a time in the history of such transformation? Uber has turned the taxi industry on its head. Airbnb has done the same to the hotel industry. We are on the verge of being ferried around in driverless cars in the not-too-distant future and using Bitcoin digital currency daily out there in the ether.

I have never been one for social media

I’m probably one of the few who have never had a Facebook account and proud of it. The way I work as a recruiter is old school. I have put in years upon years of long, hard, dedicated hours to get the results that I get.

I have built and maintained relationships with clients and candidates, delivering what I said I would deliver, I have been constantly learning things about the market and the roles I recruit for, and constantly monitoring the market trends so I/we stay at the cutting edge

And I am always on the phone. Always! As my poor wife will attest to.

Until recently, I was a reasonably secretive individual who kept to myself and “flew under the radar,” as l liked to say

Wins and successes weren’t shouted from the rooftops but celebrated internally before I raced off to cut another deal somewhere else.

It suited me. I didn’t need the world to know what I had done, where I was working, what I had on. I even went to great lengths to hide it and keep it to myself. I wasn’t a marketing man from “Mad Men.” I was a recruiter.

The world is changing though, and I think maybe it’s time to change with it before the old Peter gets made redundant and becomes irrelevant

The social media I spurned for so long, I now need to engage with to then engage with my target market (or so the world tells me). So recently, I have attended LinkedIn seminars on content marketing, and I am attending a Facebook seminar next week and have now even started to blog.

It’s a brave new world, and I must be brave with it

So while I’m out of my comfort zone giving the world a glimpse into my domain via social media, it’s got to be done. I might come across as a twat to the world in regard to my viewpoints and it may not help my end game, but at least I gave it a go, and that’s what life’s about – pushing the boundaries and giving new things a go.

So, until my next blog, cheerio and make sure you push a boundary or two over the next month. You know you’re alive when you do!

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