Mental health in the Workplace


mental health,


Work-related mental health conditions have become a major concern in Australian workplaces.

Mental health can be adversely affected by the following factors in the workplace:

  • high job demand
  • low job demand
  • poor support
  • poor workplace relationships
  • low role clarity
  • poor organisational change management
  • poor organisational justice
  • poor environmental conditions
  • remote or isolated work, and
  • violent or traumatic events.

Work-related stress may lead to depression and anxiety and often causes:

  • unplanned absences including sick leave
  • staff turnover
  • withdrawal and presenteeism, and
  • poor work and poor product quality.


Additional information for workers and PCBUs is available at HeadsUp .

There are a number of services available to people who are feeling depressed, stressed or anxious. They include:

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