South Australia’s Level Crossing Removal Plan

South Australia's Level Crossing Removal

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South Australia’s Level Crossing Removal Plan

South Australia’s level crossing removal plan will span over 10-years. The program will be developed to identify dangerous priority areas along with allocating the necessary resources and funding to these high priority projects.

The Ten Year Level Crossing Removal Program will prioritise locations based on potential benefits, strategic importance within the network and affordability.

Following extensive public consultation and after taking on board valuable feedback received from the community, the Marshall Liberal Government has made the decision not to proceed with the removal of the Hove Level Crossing.

Detailed analysis of both rail-over and rail-under Brighton Road found the least costly of the options would still be around $120 million more than the available budget.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Corey Wingard, said the Ten Year Level Crossing Removal Program was necessary, especially now level crossing removals have been elevated to the Infrastructure Australia Priority List.

“The past six months of intensive work confirmed the rail-over option would cost at least $290 million and rail-under, which was the preferred option for many in the community, would cost close to half a billion dollars,” Minister Wingard said.

“Under either scenario, the current budget allocation of $171 million falls far too short so it’s only prudent that we go back to the drawing board and look in-depth at how we can remove level crossings across the state in a methodical and prioritised way.

“Level crossings are archaic and in a growing state like South Australia we need to get on the front foot and find solutions that are affordable and fit in with community expectations.

“We got it right with Oaklands in my community and Ovingham in the city’s inner north and we can get it right across the rest of South Australia if we prioritise the projects appropriately.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is investing a record $10 million into planning studies to future proof our network and today we’re adding to that with our ten-year program to identify, prioritise and remove level crossings in Adelaide.

“Once identified, my department will develop the top five crossing projects to shovel-ready status so we can fast-track their funding and delivery.

“The detailed planning will include developing options, community engagement, survey geo-technical investigations, constructability assessments, design development, cost estimates and business cases.

“The $171 million earmarked for the Hove Level Crossing Removal Project will now be made available to other priority infrastructure projects.

“I’ve also asked the department to fully investigate congestion-busting solutions along the Brighton Road Corridor to identify broader options to reduce travel times and improve safety along Brighton Road and the surrounding areas.

“Working with local stakeholders to identify traffic congestion and safety issues in the area, and the potential treatments to alleviate them, will help deliver a better whole-of-corridor solution for funding consideration.”


Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Read the Media Release here.

The Government of South Australia, 10-year Plan To Remove Priority Level Crossings Across SA, sourced 25 June 2021,

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