Construction works ramp up for Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East


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Construction of SRL East from Cheltenham and Box Hill will create up to 8,000 direct local jobs. 

Construction of Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East is ramping up, with work now underway in the heart of Box Hill, and in Burwood.

Crews are moving the 109 tram stop on Whitehorse Road 40 metres west to ensure services are unaffected during construction. Works also start soon on a temporary bridging structure to keep Whitehorse Road open to traffic during excavation of the underground station.

The works are part of a construction blitz across the SRL East rail corridor, with activities also underway in Burwood and Heatherton, starting soon in Monash and returning to Glen Waverley and Clayton later this year.

At Burwood, workers are preparing to build a launch site for tunnel boring machines (TBMs) – the most significant work to date on the city-shaping project.TBMS will also launch from Monash and Heatherton, with tunnelling to start in 2026.

Crews are also moving water, sewer, power and gas services to make way for the six new SRL East underground stations and 26kms of twin tunnels.

Construction of SRL East from Cheltenham and Box Hill will create up to 8000 direct local jobs and a long pipeline of opportunity for the next generation of highly skilled workers – with at least 10% of all hours to be worked by apprentices, trainees and cadets.

SRL East will be open by 2035 and will make getting around Box Hill easier, with pedestrian plazas around the new underground station, traffic-free connections to public transport and shops, and a new linear park on Whitehorse Road.

In Burwood, SRL East will deliver a direct train line to Deakin University for the first time, with a convenient overpass over Burwood Highway.

With SRL East, Box Hill locals can reach Monash University in 12 minutes, and healthcare services in Clayton in 15 minutes, while a student will be able to travel from Dandenong Railway Station to Deakin University in just 28 minutes, with a convenient interchange at Clayton.

A turn up and go service with quick and convenient interchanges with existing lines, Suburban Rail Loop will improve how we move around Melbourne and help it grow in a planned and sustainable way.

Source: © 2023, State Government of Victoria, Australia

Image Source: © 2023, State Government of Victoria, Australia

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