$140m investment in digital twin technology to speed up the delivery of infrastructure projects in WA

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The $140m funding in digital twin technology secured through the Western Australian Government’s Digital Capability Fund will speed up land approvals and delivery on infrastructure projects.

The Cook Labor Government is investing $140 million to improve Western Australia’s digital capabilities to accelerate land development approvals and streamline delivery of key infrastructure projects.

Spatial WA was approved through the State Government’s Digital Capability Fund, and the whole of government program was developed by Landgate in consultation with more than 30 State Government agencies.

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The Spatial WA digital platform will maximise the value of the State’s data by creating a spatially accurate 4D virtual representation of the built and natural environment, supporting key Government priorities around infrastructure delivery, planning reforms and emergency preparedness.

“The launch of the Spatial WA program marks an important milestone in better utilising technology for the benefit of all Western Australians” says Lands Minister John Carey.

“The Spatial WA program will not only enhance decision making processes, but it will also streamline planning, accelerate access to land and provide investment confidence – continuing our efforts to diversify the WA economy,” says Lands Minister John Carey.

“This innovative program, led by Landgate, has the potential to shape the future growth of Western Australia,” says Lands Minister John Carey.

The technology will provide the ability to combine spatial and non-spatial data to generate analytical insights, run predictive modelling, and streamline digital workflows, with the potential to unlock significant savings for the State.

“The Cook Government is focused on developing ways to advance our digital transformation and boost digital capabilities across all sectors of our State to support Western Australians,” says Innovation and the Digital Economy Minister Stephen Dawson.

“We have invested significantly in the Spatial WA program and with the support of more than 30 agencies this innovative and exciting digital platform saves time, improves efficiency, streamlines processes and increases community engagement on major infrastructure projects,” says Innovation and the Digital Economy Minister Stephen Dawson.

“Spatial WA empowers agencies to work seamlessly together in a spatially accurate virtual environment, ensuring informed decision-making and setting a new standard in digital capabilities,” says Innovation and the Digital Economy Minister Stephen Dawson.

By making precise location data relating to roads, buildings, networks, pipelines and other infrastructure readily available across agencies, Spatial WA can for example help reduce wait times for planning applications, improve efficiency of maintenance work, streamline land development, accelerate approvals processes and increase community engagement on infrastructure projects.

The $140 million funding will be provided through the State Government’s Digital Capability Fund over 10 years.

More information is available on the Spatial WA program: www.spatialwa.wa.gov.au

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