Can I get my White Card Online?

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Can I get my White Card Online?

It might be hard to believe but Covid-19 has had some positives –an increase in the number of online courses!  

Due to Covid-19, Australia’s state governments have increased access to online Construction Induction Training courses 

Until recently, most states and territories required face-to-face training for workers to attain a White Card.  

However, Express Online Training (EOT) has been approved by Safe Work Australia to deliver the White Card Course via online classrooms during the Covid-19 crisis. 

It is yet to be determined whether online access will be a long-term opportunity but why not take advantage now? 

What is a White Card, and why do I need one?  

In Australia, a White Card is mandatory for anyone currently working or planning to work in the construction industry. It provides proof that you have passed a General Construction Induction course, that you understand construction fundamentals and are prepared to work safely in the field 

Is Express Online Training legitimate 

Several online companies have engaged in false advertising and convinced people that their accreditation is valid when it is not recognised.  

Let us put your mind at ease – EOT is an officially accredited and trusted Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  

Want to double-check the legitimacy of an education provider? and enter the company’s name. This search allows you to check the validity of their website and main trading name.  

Is White Card EOT available in every State?  

In short, no, it is not. See the below status according to State:  

  • NSW – SafeWork NSW approved training online (no expiry day specified) 
  • QLD – SafeWork QLD approved training online (until 7th March 2021) 
  • WA – Available online, WA has always allowed online training  
  • VIC – SafeWork VIC approved training online (no expiry day specified) 
  • SA – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course  
  • NT – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course 
  • TAS – Available online, TAS has always allowed online training   
  • ACT – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course. 

 What is the difference between a White Card and White Card EOT?  

There is no difference between attaining White Card in person versus through Express Online Training; the certification is valid either way.  

Is my white card interchangeable between states? 

Yes, they are valid in all Australian states and territories. 

How long is my White Card valid?  

Currently, White Cards do not have an expiry date. However, it is recommended by the Australian Government that you refresh your knowledge if you have been absent from the construction industry for more than two years 

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