Can I get my White Card Online?


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In Australia, obtaining your White Card online is a convenient and accessible way for construction professionals to meet health and safety requirements before going on-site.

Since COVID-19, Australia’s state governments have increased access to online Construction Induction Training courses.

Most states and territories require face-to-face training for workers to attain a White Card.

However, Express Online Training (EOT) has been approved by Safe Work Australia to deliver the White Card Course via online classrooms during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is a White Card and why do I need one?

In Australia, a White Card is mandatory for anyone currently working or planning to work in the construction industry. It proves that you have passed a General Construction Induction course, understand construction fundamentals, and are prepared to work safely in the field. 

You must complete the ‘CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely’ course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), such as EOT, to obtain a White Card and legally work on construction sites in Australia.  

Express Online Training (EOT)

Express Online Training (EOT) is an accredited Government RTO and facilitates White Cards for construction workers across Australia. They offer an online platform that delivers the necessary training certification, making the course accessible and convenient.

Double-check the legitimacy of an education provider

Several online companies have falsely advertised and convinced people that their White Card accreditation is valid.

Visit ‘Training Gov‘ and enter the company’s name. This search allows you to check the validity of their website and main trading name.

Is White Card EOT available in every State? 

Unfortunately, EOT’s White Card courses are not available in all states.

They are only available to construction professionals in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

See the below status according to State: 

  • NSW  – SafeWork NSW approved training online. Also available face-to-face.
  • QLD – SafeWork QLD approved training online. Also available face-to-face.
  • WA – Available online, WA has always allowed online training 
  • VIC – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course
  • SA – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course 
  • NT – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course
  • TAS – Available online, TAS has always allowed online training  
  • ACT – Available only face-to-face. They do not enable online delivery of the course.

 Click here for more information on the states that offer face-to-face courses only.

White Card Online Training Course

New South Wales and Queensland

Once you have signed up online, you can immediately access course materials and complete any pre-course tasks. You will be required to complete an online class that goes on for seven hours (with breaks included).

Once you have completed the course, the RTO will send a Statement of Attainment on the same day and send your White Card the next business day.

New South Wales


Western Australia and Tasmania

After signing up, you can start working on the training content. You can pause and resume your course any time from where you left off. Once you have completed all tasks, you must pay a fee to obtain your State of Attainment and White Card.

Western Australia course details

Tasmania course details

White Card Replacement

If you have lost, damaged, or had your White Card stolen, contact your registered training organisation. It costs approximately AUD $35 to replace the card.  

NSW and NT introduce digital white cards

If you are based in New South Wales or the Northern Territory, you can request a digital white card when applying for a replacement physical card. This can be accessed from your smartphone wallet and presented to employers. However, you will still be prompted to receive a physical copy of your White Card.

Construction professionals must still carry their physical white cards, as mobile phones are prohibited on certain sites.

How long is my White Card valid for?

White Cards do not have an expiry date unless you have not engaged in construction work for more than two years. You must take the White Card training course to refresh your knowledge if you have been absent from the construction industry for over two years.

Click here for more information about obtaining a White Card in Australia.

Visit Express Online Training to learn more.

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