ACCIONA receives ESG Investing award for best Sustainability Reporting

ACCIONA sustainability

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ACCIONA has won the prize for the Best Company for Sustainability Reporting in the utilities sector at the ESG Investing awards, a platform specializing in sustainability data.

The company was selected from a total of eight finalists for the transparency and detail of the public information on its climate strategy and the results of the commitments it made to its stakeholders.

The Best Company for Sustainability Reporting award category recognizes the efforts made in the four reports recently published by the company: the Sustainability Report, the Integrated Report, the Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities Management Report (TCFD) and the Sustainable Finance Report. Each of these reports represents an exercise in transparency and disclosure of best practices, highlighting ACCIONA’s commitment and capability as a provider of sustainable solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, ACCIONA has made the shortlists for the Climate Transition and ESG & Sustainability award categories, which assess commitments and policies, regarding their alignment with international best practices as well as the progress and projects carried out that have led to improved performance in these areas.

ACCIONA operates in 15 different sectors and all its solutions are aligned with the progress towards the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, which makes the company one of the largest providers of sustainable solutions in the world.

To ensure that the company always has a positive impact, ACCIONA has set a target to reduce by 60% its direct emissions (Scope 1) and those derived from electricity consumption (Scope 2) in absolute terms by 2030. Regarding Scope 3 emissions, it aims for a 47% reduction by 2030.

Moreover, as part of its 2025 Sustainability Master Plan, ACCIONA is committed to aligning more than 90% of its investment (CapEx) with climate change mitigation and adaptation activities as classified under the European taxonomy of sustainable activities. In the first half of 2023, this percentage reached 99%.

These commitments make ACCIONA one of the leading companies in the decarbonization of the economy and the promotion of sustainable solutions.

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