Arden Station Designs Advance

Arden Station Designs

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Arden Station Designs Advance

Arden Station designs have advanced to show a greener outlook and better access for passengers. This is seen in the latest design developments for one of the Metro Tunnel Project’s five new underground stations.

The station will be the first destination for Metro Tunnel passengers coming from the west on the Sunbury line and forms a key part of the Arden Precinct – a new destination in Melbourne’s inner northwest.

Station precinct design updates, outlined in an amended Development Plan, which include:

  • Retaining 15 more trees, bringing tree savings to 47 more than in the station’s Environment Effects Statement
  • Creating a new series of public grassed areas interspersed with tree planting 
  • Improved station access with repositioned entry gates and the reorientation of entry ramps on Laurens Street 
  • A separated, raised bike path on the west side of Laurens Street 
  • Widening of Station Lane to make more space for vehicles
  • Improvements to materials and finishes for the station services building. 

Arden Station will be the centrepiece of a new precinct to stimulate the growth of Victoria’s knowledge and innovation economy, which is expected to include up to 34,000 jobs and be home to around 15,000 residents by 2050.

Work is well advanced with platform construction beginning in March and continuing alongside the installation of the over-track exhaust system and tunnel floor slab.

Arden Station – with a design inspired by the industrial heritage of Melbourne’s inner north and welcoming, green public spaces – will become a landmark for North Melbourne.

The entrance will feature 15 soaring brick arches, which are being built off-site and will be delivered to the station and installed over the coming months.

The Metro Tunnel will connect the Sunbury Line to the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines with five new underground stations.

Quotes attributable to Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan

“Arden Station was where we launched our first tunnel boring machine almost two years ago, and with tunnelling now complete we’ll see the station take shape in coming months and years.

“The Metro Tunnel is a key part of the Arden Precinct and will open up this side of the city to business and residential use, bringing housing and employment opportunities alongside the growth of Victoria’s innovation economy.”

Jacinta Allan


Monday 9th August 2021 – Media Release

© Copyright State Government of Victoria

Read the Media Release here.

Arden Station Fast Facts

  • The station will have a direct link to Melbourne Airport in 2029. 
  • The design features 15 soaring brick arch segments, featuring more than 100,000 bricks that were manufactured in Victoria.
  • More than 120 bike parking spaces.
  • The new station precinct will provide new landscaped public space featuring predominantly native species.
  • Drainage at the station has been designed to capture the natural flow of rainwater and distribute it into nearby garden beds.

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