ConsultANZ recognised as a Diversity Champion in LinkedIn’s 2021 Talent Awards


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ConsultANZ has reached the final of LinkedIn’s 2021 Talent Awards in the category Diversity Champion – Search & Staffing in Australia and New Zealand. We are delighted that LinkedIn has listed us as one of the top four best companies in ANZ to have initiated and inspired meaningful conversations around Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity.

Did you know that over 50% of Engineers working in Australia were born overseas? Over the last eight years, we have had great pleasure in placing Civil Engineers, Surveyors and Construction Professionals (both men and women) from such countries as Poland, India, South Africa, Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, Chile, Sri Lanka, Italy and the UK to name a few.

At ConsultANZ we strongly believe that talent comes from everywhere, and a multicultural and diverse workforce is what’s required in today’s world to be successful.

Apart from our efforts to promote better recognition of highly skilled migrants, we have also been campaigning for more gender equality in male-dominated industries such as construction, surveying and civil engineering. On our website and across our social media channels you will find a variety of interviews with inspiring people from these industries who are challenging the stereotypes and leading the way in breaking down existing barriers.

Upon hearing ConsultANZ has reached the final, Peter Laver, the Founder and Managing Director said:

“When I was a fresh grad out of uni (in pre-Covid times), I got a chance to travel the world and meet and work with some fantastic people from various cultures and backgrounds. Upon my return to Australia, I knew that #culturalawareness would be one of my business’s fundamental values.

“Talent comes from everyone and everywhere” became ConsultANZ’s motto from the very start.

Over the past ten years, we have placed civil engineers, construction professionals and surveyors from such countries as Poland, India, South Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, Chile, Sri Lanka, Italy, just to name a few.

Internally, in our small office, we have employed staff (female and male) from Australia, South Africa, India, Poland, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand, Fiji and Chile.

Working with people from diverse backgrounds, religions, ages, and sexual orientations has given ConsultANZ an edge, and on many occasions, has helped us to outperform our competitors.

But the progress on gender and cultural representation in such industries as construction and civil engineering is still too slow. That’s why we are committing our time and resource to raise awareness of existing barriers that women and skilled migrants face when trying to enter this workforce in Australia and New Zealand.

While we never set out on this journey to receive an award, it’s great recognition that LinkedIn has noticed our ongoing efforts, making us finalists in the category “Diversity Champion – Search & Staffing.” Congratulations to our team for moving the recruitment industry forward!

If I’m honest, by just being included in the final with such quality finalists as D&B and Coles, we have already won our award.🙏

We wish them all the best in the final.”

About LinkedIn Talent Awards

“At the Talent Awards, we want to shine a spotlight on the companies and people across the globe who have excelled in the last year at engaging with talent, creating inclusive workplaces, building strong employer brands, encouraging learning and development, and focusing on employee retention. Finalist companies demonstrated their ability to adapt, innovate and move the talent community forward into the new world of work.” (Source: LinkedIn).

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