Contract awarded for Fitzroy River Bridge replacement in WA

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An alliance comprising Georgiou Group, BMD Constructions, and BG&E wins the contract to construct the Fitzroy River Bridge in Western Australia.

Georgiou Group Pty Ltd, BMD Constructions Pty Ltd, and BG&E Pty Ltd have been awarded the contract to construct the new Fitzroy River Bridge in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. They will join WA Main Roads to form the Fitzroy Bridge Alliance.

Design work for the new bridge, in consultation with key stakeholders including Traditional Owners, is progressing well. Site works remain on track to begin in April 2023 subject to weather conditions and the resolution of environmental and heritage issues. 

The Alliance partners have significant experience in constructing bridges in Western Australia and have committed the resources required to commence construction activities as soon as possible. The new bridge is scheduled to be operational by mid-2024. 

“Communities across the Kimberley are still reeling from the impacts of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie, with the damage caused to vital roads and infrastructure keenly felt on a daily basis,” says Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King.

“The formation of the Fitzroy River Bridge Alliance is an important step forward as we work with these communities and the Western Australian Government to rebuild, recover and support the future resilience of transport infrastructure,” says Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King.

In addition to the permanent restoration of connectivity between the east and west Kimberley, the bridge replacement project will see significant investment in the region’s economy.

The Alliance is engaging with local suppliers, Traditional Owners, and local Aboriginal Corporations to maximise local employment and business opportunities and ensure the project is undertaken in a culturally appropriate way.

Work on constructing the first of two new low-level crossings is underway. The crossing, which is adjacent to the old Fitzroy River Crossing, will allow four-wheel-drive vehicle access across the river in early April if river conditions remain favourable.

“These floods had a major impact on quite a remote part of Australia, and we knew from the outset that attracting the resources and personnel to undertake the rebuilding of impacted infrastructure was going to be challenging. But the timely reconstruction of this bridge is critical to the entire region, the freight industry and all those businesses and communities that rely on the road network in the north of the State,” says says Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt.

“Today’s contract award is a major milestone to reconnect the east and west Kimberley following the devastation caused by flooding associated with Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie,” says WA Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti.

“We know how critical this bridge is to reconnecting East and West Kimberley, which is why we fast-tracked the procurement process, with the establishment of the Fitzroy Bridge Alliance being achieved incredibly fast for a project of such size and complexity,” says WA Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti.

“Main Roads and their Alliance partners are already liaising with local stakeholders and Traditional Owners to ensure this once-in-a-generation project maximises opportunities for local suppliers and the Aboriginal community,” says WA Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti.

“Building a new bridge across the Martuwarra (Fitzroy) River is key to not only connecting local communities but critical to permanently restoring one of the State’s most important freight routes,” says WA Minister for Emergency Service Stephen Dawson.

“That’s why we’re working with the Australian Government through the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements to help fund important infrastructure projects like this that help ensure communities and the region can recover from these devastating floods,” says WA Minister for Emergency Service Stephen Dawson.

A second, low-level, two-lane crossing 150 metres upstream of the old bridge, which would cater for higher traffic volumes, including freight vehicles and pedestrians, could be operational by May 2023 providing access across the river during this year’s dry season.

The Fitzroy Bridge building works are funded through the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Source: © Government of Western Australia

Image Source: © Government of Western Australia 2017 to 2023

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