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Today we chat with Nico-Rikus Viljoen, our Recruitment Consultant about his decision to move from South Africa to Australia

Q: Where are you originally from and when did you move to Australia?

I am originally from Pretoria but have been living in Cape Town for the last three years before moving to Australia end of February.

Q: How did the decision to move to Australia come about?

I was contacted by our Recruitment Director Richard Christer who has mutual contacts in the recruitment industry with me.

I honestly felt that there is nothing to lose, and I have always been open to new opportunities.

Q: How did you like Brisbane when you first moved here? Was there anything that was strikingly different from living in SA?

Brisbane is a very quiet city. I liked the fact that if you go out in the early mornings, even in Brisbane City where I live it is dead quiet.

The biggest difference with where I’m from is traffic or the lack thereof. People also drive respectably, very different to Cape Town and Johannesburg traffic.

Q: What are the things you really enjoy about Australia and what are the things you miss?

I enjoy the nightlife and good entertainment available weekly. I miss the proper backyard wood-fired barbecues.

 Q: Anything that Australia does better than SA?

Public transport, freshness and healthiness of food and overall public areas (parks and streets) are clean and exciting to visit.

 Q: Would you consider moving back home?

I would consider moving back home, but not anytime soon.

 Q: What advice would you offer to anyone from SA considering emigrating to Australia?

There is no culture shock coming here, people are genuinely nice and if you have little ones, there is no second thought needed. Everything just works here.

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