The Reality Of Sponsorship In Australia


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The Reality Of Sponsorship In Australia For Construction Professionals

The number one question ConsultANZ recruiters get from international candidates is the possibility of being sponsored to work in Australia. Unfortunately, getting a sponsorship visa is not as simple as sending us a CV, even if it is an excellent one!

Due to the current construction boom and skills shortages in Australia, many companies are open to hiring international talent. However, they clearly prefer candidates that have already obtained a working visa (such as a Working Holiday Visa, Skilled Graduate Visa, Work and Holiday Visa, Skilled Independent visa) and have a confirmed date of arrival in Australia.

Why aren’t the employers more willing to sponsor offshore talent?

Sponsoring an employee has always been a lengthy, costly and complicated process for employers. Also, there are too many candidates potentially interested in relocating, but then not going through with it.

What is the solution?

If you are seriously considering moving to Australia to work as a construction professional, obtaining a visa that gives you full working rights is a priority.

According to Engineers Australia, the majority of international engineers arrive through a permanent migration program, not the sponsorship one.

13,265 engineers came to Australia on permanent visas in 2015-2016 and only 6,975 on sponsorship visas (457). You can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa through SkillSelect.

You can also commence work on a Work and Holiday visa (462) or a Working Holiday visa (417) or a Skilled Graduate visa (476). Your chances of finding an employer willing to sponsor you increase after you have gained some local experience and have proven yourself in your first engineering role.

To sum up: getting a work visa is your first and most important step in finding work in the construction industry in Australia.

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