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Topcon announces 2D-MC, an automatic grade control system designed for compact track loaders, which is now available in North America.

Now available in North America, 2D-MC is a low-cost 2D machine control system designed to be installed directly onto select grading attachments. Connecting directly to the machine’s controls and an easy-to-use wireless display, the solution works along with familiar rotary laser technology to provide simplified operational visibility, with all the information needed to hit target grade with greater precision and in less time.

Ideal for slope work, sidewalk grading, road base and drain rock replacement, parking lots, sports fields, landscaping, flat pads, indoor work, concrete site prep and more, 2D-MC is an automatic grade control solution designed to adapt to different grading attachments for compact equipment, leveraging the performance of machine control technology with the accuracy of laser positioning.

“Compact equipment has proven to be essential on job sites of all sizes, and these new functionalities are a testament to Topcon’s dedication to the evolving needs of today’s contractor,” says Topcon Executive Vice President Murray Lodge.

“Now that the benefits of machine control are available for compact equipment, these systems can provide the operational gains that help contractors get more work done in less time, allowing them to bid on more and larger jobs,” says Topcon Executive Vice President Murray Lodge.

Familiar Job Site Technology

The 2D-MC system utilises laser receivers to work with rotary lasers. If a user is familiar with rotary lasers, no additional tooling or training is needed to determine the correct grade for the grading attachment.

The system may be customised using either a dual laser receiver setup for elevation at both edges of the blade or a single laser receiver with a highly accurate dual-axis tilt sensor for elevation and slope determination. The 2D-MC system fits right in with many of the tools already implemented, and the ability to use the software on Android devices like a CT8X2 tablet gives the customer the advantage of utilising an interface with which they are comfortable.

Simple Software

Developed from Topcon’s 3D-MC software platform, 2D-MC has a simplified purpose-built app that maintains a similar visual user interface. It offers convenience and familiarity when customers add higher-end 3D-MC technology to their fleet.

The app has a simple user interface with a straightforward “progressive” grade arrow indication. This provides the operator with an easy-to-see “work completed” and “work remaining” visual. With adjustable increment/decrement elevation control right from the machine’s joystick, set/match elevations/slopes, valve adjustment capabilities, automatic updates and simple menus, an operator can get up and running on the system in very little time.

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