Trimble and Mincon offer new drilling and piling solution for solar construction

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Trimble announces a new drilling and piling solution for solar construction, integrating Mincon’s solar drilling equipment with Trimble’s groundworks technology.

Trimble announced the availability of a Trimble Ready® factory option for new Mincon piling and drilling attachments. As a result of this collaboration, Mincon Drill Mast Attachments for skid steers and excavators now have an option for the installation of the Trimble® Groundworks Machine Control System, which can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the installation for the contractor.

Mincon Solar Installation Drills and Pile Drivers are designed to pre-drill through rock, install ground screws and drive piles on solar construction projects. Trimble Groundworks is a purpose-built machine control solution that enables contractors to perform drilling and piling operations quickly, safely and accurately.

Equipping Mincon solar drilling solutions with Trimble Groundworks technology provides stakeless navigation, positioning accuracy and as-built data that enables solar contractors and installers to build scalable efficiency into their installation processes.

“Demand for solar is so high right now that engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies urgently need more installation capacity to meet the industry’s growing needs,” says Mincon Marketing for Integrated Systems Vice President Elliott Duck.

“By equipping Mincon Drill Mast Attachments with Trimble Groundworks machine control, a machine operator can both pre-drill and install solar foundations without the need for someone on the ground checking for accuracy.

This innovative workflow helps make solar installation contractors and EPCs more efficient and more scalable, reducing reliance on scarce labor resources,” says Mincon Marketing for Integrated Systems Vice President Elliott Duck.

Trimble Groundworks is part of the Trimble Connected Site® portfolio of solutions that provides a high-level of workflow and process integration from the design phase through to the finished project.

The integration of Trimble Business Center Software design capabilities in the office and Trimble Groundworks machine control in the field can increase the efficiency and productivity of drilling and piling operations. Trimble WorksManager Software also enables the syncing of data from office to field, to reduce site visits and provide a single source of truth.

“Trimble and Mincon are both industry leaders that share a common goal to deliver technology that significantly accelerates—and improves—the quality of solar farm installations,” says Trimble Civil Specialist Solutions General Manager Kevin Garcia.

“Our SITECH Northeast distributor initially brought the idea of a Trimble and Mincon collaboration to the table, and we saw right away what a great fit our solutions were for each other. We’re excited by the work that Mincon, Trimble and SITECH Northeast have done to get the Mincon solar drilling and piling products Trimble Ready for the benefit of solar contractors,” says Trimble Civil Specialist Solutions General Manager Kevin Garcia.

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