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Tunneling experts will investigate options for final piece of North-South Corridor

The Marshall Liberal Government is engaging tunnelling experts and establishing a specialised infrastructure unit to further investigate options for the final 10.5-kilometre stretch of the North-South Corridor.

The River Torrens to Darlington section of the North-South Corridor will be the biggest infrastructure project in South Australia’s history and underpin thousands of jobs for the next decade.

Last year the Marshall Government announced that tunnelling formed part of two of the three solutions being assessed after they were ruled out by the former Labor administration.

After receiving the initial business case, and on advice from Infrastructure SA, the Marshall Government will now;

  • Establish a Program Management Office (PMO) within DPTI to ensure appropriate governance is in place for the planning and delivery of a project of this scale;
  • Engage a team of planning, technical and tunnelling experts to undertake geotechnical and hydrogeology investigation works;
  • Conduct heritage and environmental impact studies; and,
  • Conduct further investigations with service authorities to map services.

“The final 10.5 kilometre stretch of the North-South Corridor between the River Torrens and Darlington will be the single biggest infrastructure project in South Australia’s history,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“Importantly, this project will underpin thousands of construction jobs for around the next decade.

“The Marshall and Morrison Governments already have $5.4 billion on the table to complete this final piece of the North-South Corridor puzzle, including $252 million over the next four years for planning and early works.

“The initial business case, in conjunction with advice from Infrastructure SA, has now prompted us to undertake more planning and geotechnical work to further assess tunnelling.

“Governments have a responsibility to spend taxpayers’ money wisely and that’s why we are taking the time to gather the necessary information before deciding how to spend billions of taxpayer dollars.

“Tunnels of the magnitude we are looking at are extremely complex and that’s why we need to do the geotechnical and hydrogeology investigation works.

“We need to take a look under the surface to ensure we understand what soil types and geology we are dealing with.

“As soon as planning works have sufficiently progressed, we will be working with local communities, relevant industry and other stakeholders.

“The Marshall Government put tunnels back on the agenda after the former Labor government ruled them out years ago.

“We have built a record $12.9 billion infrastructure pipeline over the next four years and this massive project will ensure that pipeline is extended for the next decade.”

SMEC, WSP and Tunnelling Solutions will map out the test locations, depths, sampling and testing requirements to progress the planning of the options.

This work will inform a tender call for companies next year to undertake the investigation work for more detailed planning to progress any of the three options.

In addition, a PMO will be established early next year ensuring appropriate governance for the planning and delivery of a project of this scale, South Australia’s biggest ever infrastructure project.

Interim arrangements will be in place until a Program Director is appointment early next year.

Media Release – 15/12/2019 | Stephen Knoll MP

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