Record investment for Western Australia’s transport infrastructure

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The Western Australian Government has released the 2023-24 State Budget, which includes a $5.3b investment for regional road projects and a $5.9b investment for METRONET projects.

The 2023-24 Budget continues the record investment in infrastructure across Western Australia, ensuring a pipeline of activity for the construction industry, supporting local jobs and delivering major projects for WA’s future.

Regional Road Projects

This year’s budget continues to invest heavily in regional Western Australia, as $4 billion has been allocated to the program for the next four years.

Major State-Commonwealth regional road projects funded in the 2023-24 budget include:

  • $215 million for the Albany Ring Road;
  • $76 million for the Port Hedland Airport Deviation;
  • $115 million for the Bussell Highway Duplication;
  • $55 million for the Indian Ocean Drive – Jurien Bay to Brand Highway;
  • $1.35 billion for the Bunbury Outer Ring Road;
  • $380 million for the Manuwarra Red Dog Highway (Stage 4);
  • $120 million for the Marble Bar Road Upgrade;
  • $275 million for the Great Northern Highway – Bindoon Bypass – Construct new alignment; and
  • $250 million Great Eastern Highway upgrades at Coates Gully between Walgoolan and Southern Cross and from Ghooli to Benari.

“This budget continues our Government’s strong focus on delivering improved road infrastructure in regional WA,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

“The projects we are delivering will cut travel times, make our roads safer, and drive economic growth by improving the movement of freight by road, providing opportunities for local businesses and creating local jobs,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

Of the $542.75 million funding committed by the Australian and State Government towards sealing the 311km section of Tanami Road in Western Australia, $110 million is allocated over the next four years. Road works are planned to commence in mid-2023.

Works to seal the Outback Way also continue, with 222km of priority sections to be sealed through to 2026-27 with $150 million allocated over the next four years.

As part of the McGowan Government’s continued commitment to improving road safety, funding has also been allocated for the following important WA regional programs over the next four years:

  • $162 million for the Safer Roads and Bridges Program;
  • $299 million for the Resealing Program; and
  • $20 million for the Rail Crossing program.

A further $175 million will be invested in the jointly-funded State-Commonwealth Regional Road Safety Program, with around 8,500km of regional roads to be upgraded by mid-2025.

“The investment is also focussed on building resilience in our supply chains, by sealing key arterial routes like the Tanami Road and Outback Way,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

“The budget will also include funding to deliver on our commitment to return road maintenance staff in-house to Main Roads, with new offices and depots planned to be set up in the Goldfields-Esperance and Pilbara regions later this year,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

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The 2023-24 State Budget for Western Australia includes a $13.6 billion investment in transport infrastructure, with about $5.9 billion going towards METRONET projects. 

The budget includes $5.9 billion for METRONET, including delivery, and investments in 2023-24 of the:

•    Byford Rail Extension, with $333 million
•    Morley-Ellenbrook Line, with $620 million
•    New Bayswater Station, with $83 million
•    Thornlie-Cockburn Link, with $220 million 
•    Yanchep Rail Extension, with $318 million
•    Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal, with $467 million

The METRONET investment in the 2023-24 State Budget will see a significant expansion of Perth’s passenger rail network which includes 23 new stations, removal of 16 level crossings and 72 kilometres of new rail.

The investment also boosts local manufacturing and jobs through the delivery of locally built and manufactured C-series railcars with the first C-series train beginning operations later this year.

“This Budget highlights yet again our Government’s ongoing track record of investing in transport infrastructure, and projects that drive the economy, create jobs and improve the lives of all Western Australians,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

“Our METRONET program will see an unprecedented expansion to our passenger rail network with 23 new train stations, 72 kilometres of new track and the removal of 16 level crossings,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

“Importantly – this budget will also address the significant cost pressures that are impacting the delivery of all infrastructure projects right now,” says Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

Click here to see the full budget.

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