Perth Airport Line Station wins prestigious architecture award in Australia

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The Perth Airport Line Station built by Webuild and NRW wins a prestigious award for excellence in design and architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects for 2023.

Airport Central Station, one of the three along Perth’s Airport Line (previously known as the Forrestfield-Airport Link) built by Webuild and local partner NRW has won a prestigious award for excellence in design and architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) for 2023. It is the latest award to be received by the project – one of the biggest sustainable mobility projects in Western Australia – and another example of the success fostered by the collaboration between Webuild and local partners in building the infrastructure needed to meet community needs.

The station, designed by Australian firm GHD Design and British partners Weston Williamson + Partners, was given an Award for Public Architecture (Chapter Western Australia) for the 2023 edition. “Airport Central Station elevates the passenger experience beyond a commute to an inviting, intuitive, convenient, and safe journey that delivers a seamless connection between the airport terminal and the train”, says AIA in a statement. “Its highly recognisable building form brings to life the Public Transport Authority’s objective to provide Perth Airport with the most appealing transport mode”.

Opened in October 2022, the Airport Line, which earlier this year earned Webuild the “As Built Leading” rating – the highest classification from Australia’s Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC), a leader in evaluating the economic, social and environmental performance of infrastructure across the planning, design, construction and operational phases – runs for 8.5 kilometres, connecting Perth’s eastern suburbs with the Central Business District, passing through the international airport. It is expected to take up to 15,000 vehicles off the roads every day and help avoid the emission of up to 2,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Webuild and its Australian subsidiary Clough are expanding in the country, the second largest market for the Group in terms of order backlog. In Western Australia, it has started work on one of the world’s largest urea plants for the manufacture of fertiliser, as well as work to upgrade a sludge treatment process at the state’s largest wastewater treatment facility. In Melbourne, it is preparing to excavate the tunnels for the North East Link, a section of a freeway network in Melbourne. In New South Wales, it is developing Snowy 2.0, the largest hydropower project in the country.

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Image source: Copyright © 2023 Webuild.

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