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Engineers Australia has welcomed the Professional Engineers Registration Scheme in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), with the first phase now open to civil and structural engineers.

Engineers Australia has welcomed the registration of engineers in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), calling it a win for consumer confidence and public safety.

“The Professional Engineers Registration Scheme reinforces the ACT Government’s commitment to public safety and consumer protection and signals a new era of professional recognition and operational efficiency within the Territory’s engineering sector,” said Engineers Australia CEO Romilly Madew AO.

The registration process will commence in phases, starting on 6 March 2024 for civil and structural engineers. This will be followed by the inclusion of mechanical engineers in July 2024, and electrical and fire safety engineers in November 2024. By 6 March 2025, registration will become mandatory for all professional engineers, ensuring adherence to compliance and enforcement protocols.

“Registration will benefit industry and the broader community through enhanced public safety, reduced re-work costs, improved system performance, and heightened industry and consumer insight into professional competencies. Additionally, it fosters professional acknowledgment, increases mobility and trade opportunities, and supports legislative efficiency for regulators,” Ms Madew said.

The establishment of a public register of registered engineers will further bolster transparency and trust in the engineering profession. This register will list names and registration details, safeguarding personal and national security.

Ms Madew said Engineers Australia was proud to be appointed as an assessment entity by the ACT Government, facilitating eligibility assessments for registration.

“As we move towards a more regulated and secure engineering environment, Engineers Australia remains dedicated to supporting our members through this transition, ensuring they continue to lead with excellence and integrity,” she said.

Compulsory registration for anyone providing professional engineering services enables significant enhancement of public safety and consumer protection. More broadly, there are six key benefits of a registration system for engineers. 

  1. Reducing risks to public health, safety and welfare through strengthening confidence in the competency of the people who deliver professional engineering services. 
  2. Economic benefits from reduced cost of re-work and improved system performance. 
  3. Improved industry and consumer information about who is competent to deliver professional engineering services. 
  4. Professional recognition for registered engineers. 
  5. Enhanced national and international mobility and trade in engineering service. 
  6. Legislative efficiency enabling regulators to more effectively develop, implement and improve consistent regulatory frameworks for the delivery of engineering services consistently in a timely manner. 

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