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Today we are chatting with Utsav Garach, a Civil Engineer based in Sydney, about his experience of doing a virtual internship with John Holland via the InsideSherpa platform.

What is John Holland’s Virtual Sherpa internship?

Utsav: John Holland’s Virtual Internship on InsideSherpa is a short course designed for existing and aspiring civil engineers looking to enhance and build on their knowledge and skills.

It provides insight into the key areas of business John Holland is involved in, with intuitive activities designed to facilitate learning and upskilling.

How did you find out about John Holland’s Virtual Sherpa internship?

Utsav: I was informed of a Virtual Elevation 2020 event through Engineers Australia, aimed at providing Engineering Graduates and Students with the opportunity to connect and interact with representatives from firms who opt to participate in the event.

As suggested by its name, this event was virtual and conducted through group meetings on the popular video conference platform Zoom.

Of the engineering companies listed, I chose to join the John Holland room. The company’s profile and project involvements appealed to me most as a Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate with my current working skill sets.

The representative from the company throughout the presentation/meeting mentioned the Virtual Internship through the InsideSherpa platform and its benefit to students and graduates who want to gain insight into what activities are performed as an Engineer for John Holland.

Is it easy to register and who can participate?

Utsav: Registering is very easy only requiring those interested to provide an email address of choice and creating a password. There are a few questions about current academic and industry experience status, however, it is not too critical as you get full access upon completing registration.

Anyone with keen interest can participate in these internships through the platform.

How long is the internship and what do you learn?

Utsav: Completion timeframes of the Virtual Internship are dependent on the participant. Being similar to an online short course, participants can invest time based on their convenience and schedules.

However, I do suggest taking your time to understand the tasks prior to performing them.

You learn about John Holland and their three key business streams i.e., Infrastructure, Buildings and Rail. The course is structured to cover these three business sectors, each being a module, with two tasks per module. The tasks included Quantity Take-Offs, Tendering, Designing, Scheduling, Installation and Testing / Commissioning.

The system is set-up in a way where all resources and information are provided to participants, who are required to submit their solutions to gain access to a worked solution by a John Holland employee.

Upon reviewing your solution and comparing it to the one provided by John Holland, participants can add in notes as personal feedback addressing similarities and difference and areas for improvement. Subsequently, there are no limits to the number of solutions participants can upload after the initial one.

Who would you recommend this internship to?

Utsav: University students will benefit greatly from the Internships offered on the InsideSherpa platform. However, even Engineering Graduates and Professionals like myself can enhance their existing skill sets and be challenged to think differently.

Do you receive a certificate of completion from John Holland?

Utsav: Yes, every participant receives a certificate upon completion of the Virtual Internship. The certificate is provided by John Holland and InsideSherpa collectively. This certificate can be added to LinkedIn and Resumes, however, there is a specific format to follow as advised on the InsideSherpa platform.

To find out more about John Holland’s Virtual Internship click here

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