Engineers Registration Victoria Now Mandatory


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Engineers Registration Victoria Now Mandatory

In September 2019, the Victorian Legislative Council (the Upper House) voted on and passed the Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019, which will introduce broad-based registration for engineers via the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019.

It will now be compulsory for Victorian civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire-safety engineers to be registered, according to Engineers Australia.

The Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 (the Act) commenced on 1 July 2021.

The Act introduces five areas of engineers for registration:

  • civil
  • structural
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • fire safety.

This will apply to engineers providing professional engineering services in and for Victoria.

You will need to be registered if you meet all the following conditions:

  • you provide ‘professional engineering services’
  • you provide professional engineering services in or for Victoria, regardless of whether you are located in Victoria or outside Victoria
  • the professional engineering services you provide fall within one of the five areas of engineering – civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire safety
  • your work does not fall within one of the two broad exemptions:
  • working under direct supervision of a registered practising professional engineer, or
  • working to a prescriptive standard, – which is a document that contains procedures or criteria for engineering services that do not require scientifically based calculations.

You will be able to become a registered professional engineer in multiple areas of engineering, e.g. civil and structural engineering, provided your qualifications and experience are assessed as meeting the necessary requirements to do so.

Registration will be mandatory once the registration scheme for professional engineers commences and it will be an offence for a person to provide professional engineering services without being registered.

Registration process

Under the co‑regulatory model, there will be two steps to the registration process for the applicant.

    1. The applicant will seek an assessment of their qualifications and, experience in their nominated area of engineering by an assessment entity. This will incur a fee.
    2. The applicant will seek registration with the Business Licensing Authority by submitting:
      • an application as well as any prescribed information
      • a report by an assessment entity regarding the professional engineer’s qualifications and experience, and
      • the prescribed fee.
  • An engineer will also be required to renew their registration with the Business Licensing Authority every three years and pay their renewal fee.
  • The Business Licensing Authority will make an assessment as to whether the person is eligible to be registered. If satisfied that the person is eligible for registration, the Business Licensing Authority will issue a registration to the applicant,
  • In addition, if an engineer wishes to be engaged in the building industry, they will be required to have their registration to be endorsed to do so.

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Source: © State of Victoria 2016

July 2021 Update

As of the 1st of July 2021 the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 will be implimented throughout the state of Victoria. This Act requies professional engineers to be registered with the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) to provide professional engineering services in a prescribed area of engineering in Victoria, or from a location outside Victoria, if the services are intended for Victoria.

Professional engineers will not be required to be registered if they work under the direct supervision of a registered practising professional engineer or only in accordance with a prescriptive standard.

Professional engineers registration roll out

For all other professional engineers, mandatory registration will be progressively rolled-out over the next two and half years as follows:

Area of engineering Date registration becomes mandatory
Fire safety engineer 1 December 2021
Civil engineer 1 October 2022
Structural engineer 1 October 2022
Electrical engineer 1 June 2023
Mechanical engineer 1 December 2023

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