England’s National Highways extends contract for Trimble’s AgileAssets cloud software

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Trimble announces England’s National Highways decision to extend its contract for Trimble’s AgileAssets cloud software.

The software includes an advanced decision-support solution that helps infrastructure asset managers improve their understanding of future maintenance needs of bridges and other structures. The solution enables National Highways to forecast the condition of bridge assets on England’s Strategic Road Network. These forecasts help the organization make efficient use of taxpayer funds to deliver reliable bridge infrastructure throughout National Highways’ extensive network.

Trimble’s AgileAssets software supports the country’s third long-term Road Investment Strategy (RIS3) and is a component of National Highways’ strategic effort to improve public mobility, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability by delivering a safer, more reliable and longer-lasting national bridge network. In addition, National Highways uses the software to support the valuation of the structures asset stock for reporting to the UK National Audit Office (NAO).

Optimized Infrastructure Renewal Projects

Trimble’s AgileAssets software helps National Highways identify infrastructure renewal projects that bring the most significant benefits in multiple areas, including public safety, financial stewardship, economic development, and environmental responsibility. Throughout England, National Highways manages more than 23,000 highway structures, including 10 tunnels, on roadways that carry more than 4 million vehicle journeys per day. 

With a proven track record of collaborating with road and structures management entities in the UK and in more than 15 countries worldwide, Trimble’s AgileAssets software is an ideal solution for infrastructure projects.

Since 2015, the software has been used successfully for optimized roadway and structures management of the M25, the orbital motorway circling greater London. The M25 is one of the busiest sections ofroad in the UK: the 250-mile-long network carries 73 million journeys a year, and comprises 4 tunnels, 2,500 structures—including bridges, culverts and overhead gantries—and 140,000 other highway assets. 

“Resilience, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of public infrastructure have long been a key focus at Trimble,” said Cyndee Hoagland, senior vice president of Trimble’s Owner and Public Sector. “Now, with an even broader range of digital technologies to support our customers in managing the full lifecycle of their assets—from design and construction to operations and maintenance—we are helping organizations advance toward their long-term goals for delivering safer and longer-lasting infrastructure.” 

Faster, Streamlined Software Deployment

Trimble’s AgileAssets software is delivered through a subscription-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which allows for afaster, more affordable deployment than traditional software and include senterprise-grade security as well as frequent updates to provide the latest software features. 

The original contract for Trimble’s AgileAssets software, as well as the contract’s most recent extension, were awarded through the UK Government’s G-Cloud framework, a cooperative purchasing program that helps government entities procure cloud-hosted IT systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

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