Nico’s Move to Australia – Three years later

Nico move to australia

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Nico’s Move to Australia – Three years later

Three years ago, Nico-Rikus Viljoen joined our team and answered our questions about his move to Australia (original Q&A here). Upon his anniversary last month, we had another chat with Nico to see how he likes Australia and the recruitment industry.

Q: What main cultural differences have you experienced in Australia vs South Africa?

From what I can see, Australia has many of the same cultural ideals as South Africa, especially when it comes to BBQ (we call Braai) and outdoor activities, love of camping and love of Beer. The most significant differences come with how Australians have their divide and wholeheartedly stick by it. However, interstate competition and stigmas are something entirely new for me. While we do have states (provinces) and competitive sports teams, but not even close to how NSW and QLD compete with each other. I believe it creates an exciting camaraderie among people living in the same state.

Q: What are some of the local sights you have been able to visit? Which is your favourite?

I have been almost everywhere up along the east coast of QLD and down towards Sydney. I must say Airlie Beach and Cairns is amazing, but Central Coast is a pocket of heaven with the most beautiful sites. They keep to themselves and run at a slower pace, which is why it is my favourite. Then again Australia is so massive, and I am yet to visit any other states.

Q: How do you like living in Brisbane?

I love Brisbane! I have been to Sydney, it is a rat-race down there, and Melbourne is even worse from what I have heard. Brisbane has the perfect balance between busy and quiet. Friday nights / Saturday afternoons are busy and loud, but if you go for a walk on Sunday early morning, it’s almost a ghost town.

Q: What do you like about working in Recruitment?

I like that you deal with people from all walks of life, get to learn a lot from each encounter and mostly bring people good news and help them pursue their dreams.

Q: How are you finding the current employment market for Civil Engineering and Surveying Recruitment?

It’s a candidate short market, especially now when it’s tough getting people into the country. I believe this will stay the same for the foreseeable future, which is good for us as recruiters and Australia/ New Zealand as a whole. It means there is work, and the economy is healthy.

Q: What impact has Covid-19 had on your recruitment process?

We have learned to be more flexible with requirements; our relationships with our clients are stronger as it has become more of a collective effort than a supplier/provider agreement. Our shift towards mostly on-shore candidates has also been somewhat of an alteration to my recruitment process.

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