Mechanical Engineer Job Description

Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer Job Description

A Mechanical Engineer designs, analyses, and develops mechanical systems and devices like machines, engines, and HVAC systems. They are used in infrastructure projects and help solve the current engineering problems. They use their thermodynamics, materials science, and mechanical principles expertise to create solutions across most engineering industries.


  • Create detailed designs for systems, products, and components
  • Lead and oversee a team of Engineers in designing, developing, and implementing innovative mechanical processes
  • Conduct testing and simulations to evaluate the performance and reliability of mechanical systems
  • Recommend strategic enhancements to optimise efficiency and productivity
  • Design and implement experiments and tests to validate process improvements and innovations
  • Ensure that designs meet industry standards
  • Collaborate closely with external stakeholders to ensure alignment between engineering, production, and business goals


  • Qualifications in Mechanical Engineering or any other related field
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address complex system challenges
  • Understand the latest advancements in the mechanical engineering field
  • A practical-minded, hands-on approach coupled with excellent communication and people skills
  • Proficiency in engineering principles, including mechanics, materials science, etc.
  • Attention to detail and ability to work effectively with other engineers
  • Ability to form strong relationships with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders

Working Conditions

  • Work in an indoor and outdoor environment
  • Generally require physical activity to assess mechanical systems
  • Work schedules depend on the project objectives
  • Collaborative work with other professionals working on the projects
  • Safety equipment is required to be worn at all times when working on systems on-site

Average Salary

  • $95k to $115k per year in Australia
  • $85k to $105k per year in New Zealand

Salary is based on © SEEK and © Indeed statistics and research.

This Mechanical Engineer job description is a guideline only and will vary depending on the company, project and location within the Australian/New Zealand market.

Job Opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer

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