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At ConsultANZ we have been helping Civil Engineers, Surveyors and various Construction Professionals find suitable employment options in New Zealand since 2012.

Just like Australia, New Zealand’s transport and urban infrastructure are struggling to keep up with population growth and increased demand.

Over the coming years (2019 – 2029), $129 billion will be spent on capital projects. If you are considering emigrating to New Zealand, now is a perfect time.

On 17 December 2018, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) established the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL) to support the government’s construction and infrastructure commitments.

Skill shortage lists simplify the process of granting temporary work visas to people who have the required skills to fill an identified shortage. The new CISSL will help migrants with construction and infrastructure skills into work.

About the CISSL

The CISSL will include all occupations currently on the Canterbury Skill Shortage List and construction-related occupations on the Immediate Skill Shortage List.

It will cover all regions throughout New Zealand to meet their identified labour shortages. The CISSL will be reviewed in early 2019 to reflect labour market requirements.

Establishing the CISSL means the Canterbury Skill Shortage List is no longer needed and it will be disestablished on 17 December. The Canterbury Skill Shortage List was set up to address specific occupations INZ identified as being in short supply in Canterbury that were critical to the region’s rebuild and recovery after the 2011 earthquake.

Employers and applicants who are interested in occupations on the CISSL can check the new list.

From 17 December, information about occupations on the CISSL will also be available on INZ’s skill shortage list checker.

Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List. 

Skill Shortage LIst Checker

Source: New Zealand Immigration

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They can also provide you with a checklist of some of the key things you will need to do in the first weeks after arrival.

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