Australian Government finalises interim board for Infrastructure Australia (IA)

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Australian Government accepts recommendations for the review of Infrastructure Australia to move to a new governance structure.

The Government has accepted recommendations of the review of Infrastructure Australia to move a new model, with the current board to be replaced by three commissioners supported by an advisory board with experts from the infrastructure and related sectors and senior public service officials.

This is part of a number of wider changes to restore Infrastructure Australia to its rightful place as an expert advisory body of national significance.

The interim board will be in place until the decisions taken following the review can be implemented in legislation.

Gabrielle Trainor AO will be appointed as Acting Chair of Infrastructure Australia, and Clare Gardiner-Barnes will be appointed as an Acting Board member.

Ms Trainor has extensive board experience in the public and private sectors. She served on the IA board from 2014-2021 and is currently Chair of the Construction Industry Culture Taskforce.

Ms Clare Gardiner-Barnes has experience in state government infrastructure departments and is currently the Director of her own firm. She is highly regarded in the infrastructure sector and brings a wealth of experience in infrastructure planning.

Existing Board members who are state and territory nominated appointments, Mark Balnaves, John Fitzgerald and Marion Fulker, will also be reappointed as acting Board members.

These appointments are for a period of up to 12 months, or less if there is an earlier transition to the new governance arrangements.

I would like to thank them all for agreeing to serve in this capacity and I look forward to working with the interim Board as Infrastructure Australia is strengthened and reinvigorated.

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