Infrastructure Projects Creating Jobs For South Australia

Infrastructure Projects SA

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Infrastructure Projects Creating Jobs For SA

The pipeline for future infrastructure projects is promising to create a significant influx of potential job opportunities in South Australia. These projects are being supported with a $27 million expansion of the Marshall Liberal Government’s ‘Business Case Fund’ in the upcoming State Budget.

Established last year, the fund provides support of initially $10 million towards the costs of preparing business cases on possible key government initiatives that would contribute to jobs and economic growth and community services.  

A business case for the Northern Water Proposal – a project that will enable major mine expansions, the opening of new mines and create thousands of jobs – is one of three business cases already underway, with several other business cases to be funded from the increased investment, including for:

  • The Eyre Highway Widening and Upgrade (which would provide access for triple road trains from the Western Australia border through to Port Augusta)
  • A new Barossa hospital
  • Options for the SA Police Communications Centre
  • Murray Bridge to South East Links (to consider the benefits and costs of duplicating the Princes Highway and Swanport Bridge between Murray Bridge and the Mallee Highway)
  • Greater Adelaide freight bypass
  • Higher Courts accommodation
  • Acoustic Hall

Treasurer Rob Lucas said a consistent pipeline of major infrastructure projects was critical to ensuring the state’s ongoing economic and jobs growth.

“Our Budget for a stronger South Australia is creating jobs, building what matters and delivering better services to further secure our state’s growing global reputation as one of the safest and most attractive places in the world to live, work and raise a family,” said Mr Lucas.

“By expanding the Business Case Fund, we equip agencies with the necessary funds to ensure South Australia remains one-step ahead on major job-creating projects that could form the roadmap for the state’s infrastructure future. We also provide our multi-billion construction industry, which supports thousands of local jobs, with a steady pipeline of work for years to come.

“This approach is in direct contrast to the former Labor government who presided over a haphazard approach to major infrastructure planning – they hadn’t even done a business case for the final stage of the North-South Corridor project when we came to government in 2018, despite talking about it for years.”

June’s State Budget injects $11.9 million in 2021-22 and $5 million each year for the following three years.


Saturday 5th June 2021 – Media Release

Read the Media Release here.

The Government of South Australia, Roadmap for SA’s future job-creating infrastructure projects, sourced on 9 June 2021,

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