Jim Jim Creek Crossing Upgrades

Jim Jim Creek Crossing



Jim Jim Creek Crossing Upgrades

Construction to raise Jim Jim Creek crossing now underway. This upgrade will mean that visitors to Kakadu National Park can soon enjoy a safer and more reliable dry season access to the spectacular Twin Falls area.

The water levels are now low enough for on-ground works to commence, meaning the upgrades are in full swing.

The upgrades of Jim Jim crossing are part of a $276 million investment by the Australian Government into the upgrade and renewal of infrastructure in the dual World Heritage-listed park.

This crossing in particular is subject to high rainfall and potentially deep water which in recent years has made the area impassable even for well equipped vehicles.

Raising the crossing will allow visitors to drive across Jim Jim Creek more safely and improve access to the Twin Falls plateau walk, being a polular tourist attraction.

A number of pipe-like structures, or culverts, are now being installed in what is a culturally and environmentally friendly solution that will allow crocodiles, turtles and fish to swim underneath.  Improved infrastructure across the park will allow more people to visit this beautiful area and learn about how cultural knowledge frames caring for country.

The upgrade and renewal of infrastructure in the dual World Heritage-listed park is being delivered by Parks Australia in consultation with Traditional Owners as part of the Kakadu Tourism Master Plan.

Parks Australia has worked closely with Kakadu’s Traditional Owners and Board of Management, the Northern Territory Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority and the Northern Land Council to ensure Kakadu’s upgrades maintain the park’s reputation as a key national and international tourism destination while showcasing its unique natural environment and Indigenous culture and heritage.

Jim Jim Creek crossing is currently closed to visitors and will remain closed during construction. The upgrades are expected to take up to 6 weeks.

Meanwhile the Twin Falls Gorge itself will remain closed this year as Parks Australia continues to work with Traditional Owners and technical experts to develop plans for upgrading viewing platforms and improving access to this area.


Friday 9th July 2021 – Media Release

Read the Media Release here.

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