Woolloongabba & Roma St Station Updates

Roma St Station Updates

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Woolloongabba & Roma St Station Updates – Cross River Rail Project – Brisbane

The Cross River Rail (CCR) project in Brisbane has been working hard towards bettering the current transport system throughout the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Today we share with you a quick overview of the Woolloongabba & Roma St Station updates on construction to date.

Woolloongabba Station Construction Update

Station building and tunnelling support work continue, with Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) 1 Else now through Albert Street station and expected at Roma Street station shortly. TBM 2 Merle is not far behind, continuing her journey north through Albert Street. Roadheaders also continue south towards Boggo Road station and have passed the halfway mark. 

Tunnelling and station box work:

  • TBM 1 Else and TBM 2 Merle tunnelling continues towards the Northern Tunnel Portal at Spring Hill.
  • TBM 1 Else has now passed through Albert Street station and will arrive at Roma Street station in August.
  • TBM 2 Merle is following closely behind. 
  • Cross passage excavation in the TBM tunnels continues north of Kangaroo Point, with cross passages 4 and 5 in that area now complete. 
  • Roadheader excavation and cross passage rock hammering is underway in the mined tunnels south of the Pacific Motorway, with cross passages 2 and 3 in that area now complete. 
  • Work in the mined tunnels includes waterproofing and drainage as the team progressively makes its way further south. 
  • B7 deck in the station box will be completed this month.
  • Lift four of the jump form system has been poured. The jump form is now halfway back up the station box, fast approaching ground level.

Soil haulage and deliveries:

  • Out-of-hours oversized equipment, such as precast segments and tunnelling machine deliveries continue in and out of the Woolloongabba site.
  • Spoil excavation from the TBM conveyor belt and mined tunnels into the spoil shed continues 24 hours. 

Surface works:

  • Assembly of formwork for the mined tunnels continues.
  • Utility works in and around the Woolloongabba site. 

Roma St Station Construction Update

All eyes are on the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) at Roma Street, with TBM Else expected to arrive in early August and TBM Merle arriving approximately four weeks later. 

The underground construction team is preparing for their arrival, continuing excavation and installing equipment required to move each TBMs through the underground cavern.

Excavation continues above ground at both the service and station building shafts.

Station building site opposite Makerston Street:

  • Excavating the shaft, installing ground support anchors and shotcrete.
  • Loading and removing excavated material with trucks. 
  • Excavating, concreting and installing micro-piles beneath the Inner Northern Busway.

Services building site opposite Garrick Street:

  • Excavating the shaft and progressively installing ground support anchors and shotcrete.
  • Loading and removing excavated material with trucks.
  • Intermittently controlled blasting within the services building shaft. More information about this work will be distributed separately.

Tunnelling site:

  • Excavating passenger access tunnels and the station cavern.
  • Loading and removing excavated material with trucks.
  • Concreting and installing equipment to prepare for arrival of the TBMs.
  • Intermittent controlled blasting within the station cavern and adits.

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